G’day Australia!

A great post by a blogger travelling to my great land of Australia. She has flying a lot more worked out than I do, so take this advice haha.

Oh Hey Planet Earth!

Greetings fellow Earthlings (:

Well here I am… in the great expanse of land that we call Australia. Having landed in my first settlement – the bustling city of Melbourne, I suppose it’s time to document my first adventure.


Day one:

Was a very long day indeed! (48 hours to be exact) It was also my first time flying alone (Yikes!)

The journey here:


I flew with Royal Brunei Airlines and I’ll not lie, the service was pretty flawless. My transit lasted just over 24 hours in total, including one refuel and one stopover, and it was surprisingly less painful than I imagined. My ticket costed in the region of £750 (economy) and the three legs split it up quite nicely. I was in an aisle seat in the middle section, and I’d recommend this to any first time travellers, or flyers in general – simply because you won’t have to…

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