Stop Going to Bali

Peoples unoriginality with the way they travel is getting me mad.
If you are someone that would be offended if you read a blog post about how vacationing to Bali is ruining it, please avert your eyes. Find instead a post about the realities of another world perhaps.
Heres a link to get you started –

Originally when I started this blog I planned on saying stuff I wouldn’t say otherwise, and though I’ve said some controversial things that I wouldn’t normally say, telling people to quit freaking going to Bali is never advisable.
This is because people are crazy for Bali, and are either unaware or uncaring of how their irresponsible was are causing damage. This applies particularly to Australians who they can’t get enough of this place that has so many qualities of our own country. Australians defend their Bali vacations furiously, they love the sun, the surf, and particularly how cheap it is.
Australians never stop to realise that they may be a problem, so laid back are we that this thought may never come to mind.

Traffic is gridlocked with tourist traffic, big foreign business is driving out the locals, and the worst damage is to the local environment.
The local forestry has been ravaged with resort development and things like billboards, and beaches are no less impacted by heavy development right up to the edge of the sand.
Its a small segment of a small country and like a young celebrity has blown up way bigger than it should have, and subsequently foreigners have moved in and taken over. Rather than allow locals to capitalise, foreign big business has sucked up market share.

Im mostly baffled as to why these vacationers are so narrow minded. Millions of Australians go to Bali, so much so that flying people there and back is the backbone of Jetstars business. These vacationers are uninterested in the rest of Indonesia, some that I’ve talked to so stupid as to believe that Bali is a country of it own.
Travel is about discovery, and when you read statistics saying that the majority of Bali visiters are repeat visitors then you realise that discovery plays a small role in these vacationers decision to travel.
If these people aren’t traveling to discover, then what are they traveling for?
When you push a Bali fan long enough you come to learn that money is the main factor, and how much they save by not traveling with any originality. To which I want to slap them.
There are so many discount places in the world to visit, so many that offer amazing experiences and a chance to discover without hurting the locals and saving a fortune with the currency exchange rate.
Less frequented countries need the tourism and benefit strongly from a steady stream of visitors, and swapping dollars for their local currency helps them out and can massively save the health of your wallet.
I urge you to travel responsibly and with originality! Research and find somewhere beautiful, somewhere so stunning you cant keep away.
Find somewhere where your dollars are gonna buy you tons of local currency, and check how far that currency will stretch with food, hotels and transport. What does it all cost with comparison to where your from?
And lastly find somewhere that wants you, and stay at a locally owned hotel and pour your money into the local economy.

Believe it or not staying at the Hilton or the Crown Plaza in Bali is not helping Indonesia at all. These businesses pay locals next to nothing to run their resorts and keep massive amounts of profit.
These locals could be running their own businesses and stimulating the local economy, and some would otherwise be if they had the chance.
I know this problem is not exclusive to Bali, but as a citizen of the country causing this place the vast majority of its issues, this problem frustrates me.
I hope the frequent Bali visitor reading doesn’t feel to guilty reading, and I hope the self righteous reading don’t feel like their attempts to shop and stay locally in Bali helped all that much. Any foreign money into Bali at this point it fueling the fire of companies buying rice land off the farmers, limiting farmer land expansion, and the destruction of the coral reefs to build roads to service growing foreign business.
I think the famous isle needs a cleanse, and we need to let the Balinese heal. If you agree that you will chose somewhere else to vacation then let me know, I’d love to hear your opinion.
If we show a declining interest in our desire to vacation to and and play a part in ruining Bali, then maybe the Balinese can begin to pick up the pieces and corporations will move the hell out of their way.
If you don’t agree then that’s fine, not everyone will agree with everything. I’ll have a softer post out soon once I’ve hit Miami. 🙂
Hit subscribe if you’d like to see more, and let me know if you’ve got something to say. Talk again soon, until then, vacation responsibly.


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