About Me



Hello there!

So some things about me…

I’m a stage actor and performer currently performing for Disney Cruise Line.
As a performer I’ve primarily spent the last few years also working for Disney Parks and Resorts, Disney Events and Showcasing and doing a couple jobs for Disney Channel.

So by day I work for Disney and by night I become a writer.
I like to write about my travels and my work for the most part, but also find myself distracted and writing about whatever I’m passionate about and is on my mind.
This can include food, finance, fiction, and other things that get me excited.

Please feel free to send me a message if you have a question, or you’d just like to chat.
By far the most I’m messaged about is getting peoples graduating kids into a career with Disney, I’m afraid I’m not able to do that 😉
However check out my book if you’d like some insight into my time working for Walt Disney World, I hope it’s a help to people who hope to audition for Disney in the future.
Be involved if you’d like, and enjoy yourself while your here.

My email is author@trfeather.com

Challenges for the fellow traveler heading to the same places

  • Find my perfect score on ‘Doctor Jones’ on the drum drum game machine in ‘Tom’s Place’ Arcade on Nanjing Road in Shanghai and match it!
  • Find my name scrawled somewhere on Disney’s Island ‘Castaway Cay’ and add your name next to it!
  • Go to where I chickened out at Aukland Sky Tower in New Zealand and say yes to the guy that offers a discount off skydiving
  • Go to the wall opposite the guy selling pepper popcorn in Tokyo Disney Sea and actually find the hidden Mickey, I never could find it.
  • Have lunch in ‘Rock n Java Cafe’ in Cozumel, Mexico and manage to go the whole thing without spilling water on and destroying your laptop.
  • Go to Freeport in the Bahamas and find the only Pizza Hut, then say yes when the amazing busking singer asks you to join her in her dancing, it’s the funniest thing your friends will ever record on camera and use against you.
  • Take the bus to Walmart in Juneau Alaska and manage to find the bus back to town. I swear it’s mythical. They never intended you to leave.
  • Have a crepe at ‘Crepe Escape’ while still in Juneau! And your welcome in advance.
  • Have a milkshake at ‘Fat Burger’ at the World Trade Centre in Vancouver. It’s amazing

My current contract with Disney begins on the 23rd November and runs until about Easter. Keep up with what’s going down as I explore everywhere I can 😉 Then when the contract ends once again who knows?? Back to China perhaps? Maybe somewhere new? There’s a whole world of possibility.

I’d love to have you along 🙂




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