Parenting in Alaska

Another thing inspired me today, a child who asked me what I did in the days proceeding the job I currently have. His dad had taught him to ask as many people as possible this question, and gain some insight in life. I greatly admire parenting that leads to curiosity in kids, and ambition.
His question led to a long discussion about Disney Parks, which i use to work for and where he wants to work someday. He wants to be a performer, so we talked about auditions and expectations. He was genuinely interested in my experience of the process, and wanted to learn and add it to his knowledge base for when he was older.
To many kids on these cruises are provided with invaluable information, and visiting speakers from native Alaska, or from National Geographic, and waste their chances to play some stupid game that will be available when their bored and don’t have Alaska right outside the window.
I love my 3DS, but my child would not have access to his if Id paid thousands of dollars and was literally standing at the foot of a glacier, and had access to professionals that knew the history and animals of the area.
Just a few weeks ago I saw a whale watching group go out in a boat, and caught sight of a kid on the boat who was deeply engrossed in his gameboy and was missing everything. This is when the device needs to die.
I blame the parents who ‘suggest parent’ their kids.
“Oh honey, would you like to come outside and see the glacier? No? Please? Just for a minute? … Ok I’ll come back later, but please think about it.”
Heeeeeeeell no. This would be me, “oi were going outside, glacier time… No? Oh… Well either you come with me, enjoy the nature you might never see again, learn some facts and enjoy yourself or your game makes some new fish friends at the bottom of the ocean.”
Im gonna miss the glaciers when we leave. :/ Skagway tomorrow! Thinking I’ll try some local salmon, gotta start liking fish more.
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Travelers are Investors. Simple.

If there’s something that gets me more excited than anything else, it’s seeing young people who are good with their money.
Now I say “young people” like I’m a thousand years old (I’m 24) but when your my age and younger, not only is it ok to be bad with your money, it’s expected and even celebrated!
How are we suppose to achieve everything we want in life if we’re clouded by never ending debt? Or a constantly empty bank account?
My favorite show in the world is Shark Tank, an investment reality show on ABC, mostly because of the advice and zingers that come out of the mouths of the investment sharks.
They talk about doing without until you can afford to buy what you want. To only have a credit card to build credit rating, and only buy something if you can pay it off the credit card that same day.
I’m reading a book written by one of the sharks (Kevin O’leary) and he talks about thinking while about to buy something “will I want this a year from now.”
Everything we buy is an investment, and some are going to hurt us a lot more than help us.
A friend of mine has a boyfriend who just bought a $25,000 car on a loan. I nearly passed out. With interest he’s going to pay probably $40,000 for that car, which is actually a conservative guess because hes paying back minimum payments, so it could be much more. But the second he drove it out of the car lot, his investment lost a third of its value. By the time he’s payed it off in no less than 6 years, he may have payed over $40,000 for an object that may be worth $8,000. This is why banks are the best businesses in the world.
How are we suppose to travel in our 20’s while we’re unmarried and free, when we’re burdened by being unable to pay for it.
I have been trading shares for years, and though haven’t made much more than $500 doing it, I have built up a love for investment.
Through action I’ve taught myself how to trade, what to look for, and that I don’t invest in anything that doesn’t want to pay me a dividend. As time goes by and my portfolio grows, that dividend twice a year will only grow and as I reinvest it, the growth will only go faster.
As I get older I’m looking out for other markets to invest in, but I wouldn’t have ever done it without experiment and action.
A lot of my close friends won’t do it, it does seem scary and the media does release stories every day of some guy that invested it all in a risky startup and now begs for quarters in the street.
But what I think is far more scary is seeing my money in a savings account, depreciating faster than it makes interest, and sitting merely a few clicks of the mouse away if I feel like spending some of it.
With volatile market times, settlement periods, and just plain hassle, I don’t spend the money I have in shares. So it saves.
I just want to pass on to young people with more than $500 sitting around. Invest a small amount and stay comfortable at first, invest in a dividend paying company that will work to make that payment happen. If they don’t have to pay a dividend then your relying on that less transparent company increasing in value faster than your money is depreciating.
And buy into a company that’s not going anywhere. Being from a country like Australia with limited population there are some companies our country relies on, invest in them. And only invest what your ok with losing at first, just so you can sleep at night. Build a habit and learn to enjoy it! Your part of something now! You are part of the greater world! It’ll do you good in the long run, and may just pay for your trip to China. πŸ˜‰
I’m not a financial advisor by any means, any financial rant on my blog is just my own opinion. If you wanna talk more about it feel free to comment and subscribe. πŸ™‚ Talk soon!

The Snow is Melting

Hey guys, how’s your summer?
I’m still in Alaska, but not for much longer. I can feel the end coming as I realize that in just a few weeks we will head back down the coast, through the Panama Canal and up the East Coast to our new home in Orlando. 2 hours from Disney World.
Even Alaska is feeling like it has a summer now, I’m wearing less layers every time I go outside, and as I sit here in a Tim Hortons here in sunny Vancouver. After so many cold days, it’s interesting busting out my t-shirts and remembering they need washing. They’ve been so useless during the last couple months, I’ve just been wearing them all to bed. Now they’ve all retired, but everyone who knows me knows I’ll buy good food over a new shirt any day. One shirt has a collar that’s coming away from the shirt, but I know a breakfast place is Vancouver that I must throw all my money too.
However may I first just say that people who compare Tim Hortons to Starbucks are ridiculous, this iced coffee is a joke, and my croissant is soggy. This chain would never ever survive in America.
It literally came out of a an automatic machine. My American friend from California has such insane and specific demands for the baristas that make her coffee, this woman who stuck my cup under the dispenser would have laughed in her face. “Your not in America anymore baby.”
But it’s sunny here and hot, and I’m feeling like I’m back home. It’s at this point that I remember part of the reason I’m not at home, I hate the heat.
People actively seeking sunshine and tans and sweat seem ridiculous to me. You just end up feeling dirty, having frizzy hair, and stinking. Give me the cold anyday. Although I say that until I’m given freezing cold and snow, then when my feet freeze and my nose goes numb I change my tune like you wouldn’t believe.
But anyway, Alaska is running out of time and there’s so much more I want to eat! I’m so use to being here now that I feel like I live here! I have a favorite restaurant in Ketchikan, and a favorite backup restaurant for when Bill and the boys don’t feel like coming into work. A favorite crepe place in Juneau which has a loyalty card that’s due for cashing in! Although when in Skagway that place is a bit of a wild card, I never know what to do.
So now that the time is running out I’ve got to use it well!! What should I do?? I was looking back at my time here and I’ve done a lot that I’m really happy about. I trekked a glacier and finally felt snow, I tasted melted glacier water, I hugged a husky puppy, I hiked through Alaskan wilderness, and ate a LOT of local Alaskan food.
The only thing I should really do is buy something non edible. I literally have nothing tangible from my time here, because all I wanna do is eat. But I should buy at least a little something, like a little totem pole or something. I think I should get raven, because he reminds me of slitheren. And from my extremely limited knowledge of Harry Potter, I’m better that would be my club.
If you have any suggestions for things I should do before I go than let me know, it was good to chat again and I’ll update you again real soon. πŸ˜‰ Comment to have a chat with me and subscribe for more o’ the good stuff. πŸ™‚

Everything’s Better in Anime

So you know what rocks? Vancouver!
Now that we port in Vancouver I get to explore the city, which means I have a regular battle between my urge to see the city properly, or hide myself away in Fat Burger and suck up all their WiFi and food.
Seriously, who knew fast food milkshakes could be so freaking amazing.
But seriously I love a good city, walking downtown (or through the CBD if your Auzzie) is what makes me happiest.
Standing there surrounded by tall buildings, feeling like everything is closed in all around you, its amazing. I even prefer it if its a little difficult to breathe, is that weird?
Although I like to visit the country for very limited periods of time, I will only ever live in a city. The only times I really hanker for rural areas is when Im watching a Studio Ghibli movie, somehow those films make me want to pack my bags and leave the city forever. They make nature seem so incredible!
Yesterday I found myself watching ‘The Secret World of Arriety’ (I believe its called) on a tv near some giant windows overlooking the snowy mountains and thick forests of Alaska, and all I could think was damn nature looks good in the movies. Everything is better in anime.
But yeah Vancouver is my kind of place, the people are really nice and like I said, really good fast food.
Also some incredible views of mountains and the air is really nice, which is something I head people apprieciate.
Well Im gonna go and brave the winds and rain and go get something to eat. Please subscribe if you wanna hear more and comment if you’d like to chat. πŸ™‚ see ya soon

Me with the locals


I don’t really understand the context, but these women were in Sitka and they mean something to Alaskan history. Anyone who knows more than me about this stunning state please feel free to educate me! (My knowledge is as advanced as the Alaskan kids books I’ve found such as ‘the salmon princess’ and other treasures).

As Authentic as it Gets


I’m currently sitting in the first authentic Mexican restaurant in Ketchikan, complete with pictures of burgers and chili piΓ±ata’s. This place might be the strangest and most amazingly confused Mexican place I’ve ever seen, that apparently sells the best pizza in town.

We are sitting at an old fashioned glass topped table watching the soccer in Spanish, which seems to also be captivating the chef who is half attentively preparing our food. But it’s amazing nonetheless this little town, and I’m beginning to grow addicted to this freezing part of the world.

Omg the pizza just arrived and it’s incredible, I ordered a Mexican pizza which is basically a pizza covered in taco ingredients, and it couldn’t be better.
Don’t you hate it though when your drink comes in a can? It’s Spanish for “when it runs out, it’s gone.” I’m preserving it like water in the desert.

I think the architecture is part of the reason this place keeps amazing me, these houses are so unlike anything I’m use to, everything is insanely foreign. You know, I think I’m in Narnia.
My friends have done some amazing things that I haven’t gotten around to doing yet, and am not yet sure about. For example (and you tell me if you think it’s worth it) in Sitka for $250 I could take a helicopter trip to the top of a glacier, ride a sled pulled by huskys and hold a baby husky.
I feel like I figured out the answer while I was typing it.

The greatest joy that could happen I’m still waiting for, and that’s seeing the northern lights (and that’s free!)
All I think we’re waiting for is a clear sky at night, which is a lot to ask for up here. Also night is a lot to ask for up here, as sunset happens at about 11pm where we are.

So today is the last day of Alaska for this week, tomorrow we set sail for Canada and arrive the day after tomorrow. After we arrive home in Canada we rest up for a bit, then sail on back!
Although I’ll be in Canada the day after tomorrow I don’t think I’ll be able to take advantage as I have a rehearsal to attend. However having just written a couple posts complaining about how my job isn’t going anywhere fast enough, I won’t complain about not getting off because I get to rehearse something new haha, so it’s a blessing long awaited.

I’ll write again soon, sorry about the tech problems but I’m back good as new now and hope to see lots more of you πŸ™‚ subscribe for more advantages in the north and ill talk again soon. πŸ™‚ see ya!

My New Home Town

Its strange the way small towns have such a positive effect on me, so long as they aren’t hot.
Sitka was a freezing little home town that made me feel like I’d returned to a place I’d never been before.
A town close to the water and surrounded by snow covered mountains, it didn’t have any highrises or malls I could see, but plenty of warm shops and good food served on plastic plates.
I very much enjoyed exploring Sitka, and imagined walking where Sandra Bullock may have while making ‘The Proposal.’
But the best thing may have been finding the prize I’ve been searching for since I returned to Orlando over a month ago.
I’ve searched Orlando malls, Miami shops, Mexican Walmart, anyway that has sold electronics.
But despite searching searching electronics shops that are leading America, I didn’t find what I was after until I found a failing American chain (Radio Shack) in a small town in Alaska.
What was this elusive prize? Pokemon Y for the 3DS of course!
Luckily I found it after having explored Sitka and when I was almost back anyway, so rushing back to play it wasn’t wasting exploration time.
If you find yourself exploring Sitka soon and like me you don’t like seafood, I recommend Mexican. I had a wonderful burrito at that little place by the bank.
All the plates and cutlery are think and plastic, I don’t really know why but in a small town in the freezing cold it seems charming and warm.
Just like in San Francisco I didn’t explore alone, I called my brother and we chatted the whole time as I explored physically and he followed my on Google Earth.
I think if one is creative its easy to hang out with anyone you like in the world, all it takes is creativity, some internet and someone willing to throw sleep to the wind, if timezone differences are as extreme for you as they are for me.
Thanks to this technology I’ve hung out with him in lots of places in the world, and I thank goodness we live in this time. Only 40 years ago my friends mother worked for a cruise ship and she had a phone call at Christmas, that’s it.
I’m someone that’s use to being away from people I care about, but that’s to extreme for me.
But I’m guessing in 40 years people doing what I’m doing will look back to our time and wonder how we managed.
In any case its time i
I went to bed. Another day and another place tomorrow, so I’ll keep you informed. I’ll speak soon so keep in touch πŸ™‚