People who Ruin Everything

Guess who’s been taking advantage of his free entry at Disney Parks for the last 2 days?? This guy!!
Yesterday I spent the day at Disneyland and learned that though the park is (in my opinion) no where near as good as the Magic Kingdom, the shows are far superior here.
I saw Mickey and the Magical Map yesterday and it slew me with its amazingness, and enjoyed its other offerings such as Soundsational.
Today was a lot better though, we spent the day at Disneys California Adventure, which I think would hold its own very nicely against a Disney World park. I think it may definitely be better than Disneys Hollywood Studios, there’s more variety and the theming is incredible.
Paradise Pier bowled me over, particularly at night. I’ve never been more terrified than when on the Mickey Wheel however omg.
This is the Ferris wheel which has the option to be ridden in sliding rocking carriages, nothing is more terrifying than sliding at gravities leasure hundreds of feet in the air.
But what was the talk of the night was the doosh bag.
During the second showing of the sensational World of Color on Paradise Pier, some capital one A-hole climbed the railing right in front of me and jumped into the lake where the show takes part.
Now this is a show set in a lake comprising of 1200 water fountains, a huge water screen, and dozens of enormous flame throwers. And he just jumps in.
Naturally Disney was forced to shut down the show, and he immerged minutes later dripping and waving to the thousands of people he just pissed off.
Unsurprisingly he was booed, to which he seemed genuinely annoyed.
Luckily 10 minutes later the show resumed with only minor glitches in the system.
What possesses someone to be such a selfish destroyer of happiness?
There was no fame for him, in the dusk we could scarcely see his face. There was no reward, Disney security were on him in seconds. There was no love or applause, he was booed. Is it some need to be noticed?
I hope he was just high or drunk and actually loves Disney Parks, because when he sobers up and realizes he’s made that fabled but completely real black list and can’t come back, he’ll rethink his life choices and do things differently.
Maybe I’m harsh but I take my Disney shows extremely seriously, even before I was a Disney performer I’ve always been extremely strict with how I see a show.
My friends know it can be a massive pain for them. With Fantasmic for example we must be there 1 hour early, we must arrive with Mickey bars, coke and glazed almonds.
At the very least, don’t destroy the show.
In any case I’m delirious and ready for some bed, night guys and subscribe if you wanna 😉


Discovering Uber and LA

Last night in LA for me. Boooo.

Well kinda my last night, coz tomorrow we’re going to Anaheim to stay at the Hilton a couple nights while we go to Disneyland. 🙂
LA was amazing though, saw all the iconic places and realised that yes, the Chinese theatre is bigger in LA than at Disney World.
I love Disney Parks and I’m going to visit them whenever I can until I die, although it’s going to be very tough the day I inevitably have to pay for it.
I don’t know how people do it! This trip has been expensive enough, then on top of everything it would be costing us a few hundred dollars over the next few days just to get into Disney?? Forget that!
Some things I’m use to paying for, some things I’m use to paying a lot for so I’m ok with that.
I’m friends with a flight attendant who has been getting free flights for years, she’s going to quit soon but can’t imagine she’ll travel again because she can’t justify the thousands of dollars a flight can cost.
I’ve been to Disney Parks so many times it’s like going home, and who pays to go home? $100 a day to go home and relax? I think not.
Whats your Disney Parks? Whats that thing for you that others pay for and though you love it, you could never bring yourself to?
I know people who work at the movies (lucky sons of guns), you think they’d ever pay for a movie? Hell to the no.
Anyway I’ve been staying at the Mikado Hotel on Riverside Drive, lovely hotel, very beautiful.
Rubbish breakfast though, sleep through it trust me. But it’s beautiful and very authentic to it’s Japanese design. It’s a Japanese themed hotel obviously, and the fountains and nature all through it are awesome. Also those slidy Japanese door things are awesome too.
While being here I’ve begun using Uber, which is a taxi alternative app and it’s changed everything for me. It’s freaking amazing.
Basically you download the app, tap for a car and one comes in about a minute, and this is where it gets awesome.
The taxi’s are just dudes with their cars, but they’re reliable and tested guys with decent cars and their service is great. But best of all it’s at a fraction of cab prices.
I’ve been slashing my cab bills to shreds and I’m loving life, plus it’s totally easy and I feel like a rockstar coz I’m traveling in a real car like a boss, not in a yellow piece of crap.
Tonights car was a black Lexus, it was rad.
Anyway download it and give it a try, it’s definitely worth it.

Anyway just a couple recommendations for tonights post, tomorrow it’s back to Disney 😉
Stick around awesome folks and I’ll see ya real soon. 🙂

Irrational Celebrity Craziness Disorder

Has anyone experienced the horrible task of approaching a celebrity you admire and trying to say hi?
I’m someone I consider confident by nature, particularly in a social setting, but when it comes to meeting someone from television I can’t handle it.
I first noticed my hero Ryan Shelton when I was lining up for tonights Comedy Cellar in New York. He was just standing there near me with some mates and after being scared like a little girl for 15 minutes we were ushered in and I missed my chance.
I’ve never felt depression like that before, it was like a self loathing mixed with an insatiable regret and misery. I laughed hysterically at the comedians, but it was mixed with a feeling of pain and anguish.
Luckily though after the night was done and people were mingling outside, I finally summed up all my courage and approached him and shook his hand.
From there everything pretty much fell apart. I gushed like a crying school girl, I fan girled like you’ve never seen before. You would’a thought he was Justin Beiber and I was a preteen girl, it was bad.
You could tell he was trying to fix it by changing the conversation to the comedy night and to me. He seemed genuinely interested in what I do for a living, but I didn’t indulge him much on anything that wasn’t related to him and his awesomeness.
Needless to say that we will not be exchanging numbers, and I may never see him again, but if all I’ve accomplished is that I’ve made a hilarious Australian guy feel like a celebrity on a night where he is watching other funny people make money with their funniness, then it was all worth it.
It was sad to hear that he’s currently not working, he is crazy hilarious and awesome after all. I often forget how fickle this industry is, and how your rolling in the Benjamin’s and happy times one minute, and then wondering why you didn’t study accounting the next. It’s what keeps things interesting, but also terrifying.
I hope that it made Ryan Shelton happy to meet a rabid fan, I assume it doesn’t happen all the time. But even if he didn’t, I’m glad it happened to him on a night he had been to the Comedy Cellar, that way things would be ok anyway.
Why are we this way with people I wonder? People are just people, whether they perform for the camera or not. Does it make a person better to perform for a camera? And then have that performance viewed by millions of people?
I think it’s the greatest irrationality of our planet.
People will never fall to pieces meeting a great surgeon, or someone that cracks a scientific discovery that furthers medical science ten years. But God meeting someone that can learn a script and recite it in front of a camera and people lose their mind.
It’s irrational, but it’s a fact. I lost my mind tonight irrationally, people spend a week watching me perform on the Disney Wonder, then pass me in a hallway and whisper to each other nervously and giggle. (All the fame I could ever really hope for haha).
Well thats the end of my rant, I’ll be back again tomorrow to rant some more, until then sleep well and enjoy something ridiculous. 🙂

Theatre in Perspective

Comedy Cellar tonight!
You know, It’s unusual for me to give all my time to comedy places and small theatres when my usual thing is the giant musicals.
Yeah in the past I’ve always cared about theatre, but allowed myself to go to the enormous world touring musicals almost exclusively.
Well no longer! I’ve looked into all the smaller theatres with dynamite casts and awesome sounding plays and I’m gonna go to as many as I can!
Being in New York I have access to tons of theatre, and the best part is that the casts are awesome! Being from Australia, its more likely that the cast is young and just starting out, but I love that in this city many of them have at least appeared in something that I love. Thats all I ask of a cast! Just appear once in a tv show that I care about! I don’t think thats much to ask.
I also love that I can crave theatre and go any night of the week, and there be tons of options. So I’m going to a comedy show tonight with 6 comedians who have done stuff, and its 12 bucks. Where has this city been all my life?
Stuff stays open, theres options, and the soda’s are huge.
In other news, has anyone been to the Toys R Us in Times Square? Oh my goodness its like an entire shopping mall of toys, fun and ferris wheel!
This city is so impressive that the shops that are normally boring everywhere else in the world, are circus monstrosities here.
Now I’m off to find something amazing to eat, I haven’t eaten anything life changing yet so I need to find that life changing food that changes my life.
See ya’ll soon 😉

Who’s Line is it Anyway?

Yay for New York and once in a lifetime experiences!
I’m traveling New York with my brother, and tonight we traveled to the East side to see an improv show at Upright Citizens Parade (UCB). It was a decent show with some hilarious improvised gags, following the show was a free jam night where they continued the improv and had people from the audience join them.
As you may know I do a lot of improv for a living for Disney, but I wasn’t about to get up on a stage in New York with a bunch of strangers and perform. And on vacation?? No haha, I don’t take my work home with me :p I’m joking I’m not a douche.
Anyway, my brother made me do it, and although I was unnecessarily scared out my mind, I went up and contributed to some pretty funny improv. Of course the really hilarious lines were delivered by the guys that were cast at the theatre, a couple of them among the best I’ve seen. But I got in a few lines I was happy with. 🙂
But beside improv, today we ate a lot of food and saw the movie ‘Gone Girl’ which was freaking awesome.
I’m really just enjoying for the most part walking through the city, I know that when I went to China earlier this year that was my favourite part of that trip too. Walking through Times Square is a lot like Nanjing Road except somehow more crowded. I’m finding New York more crowded than Shanghai, and that caught me massively by surprise.
I’m particularly loving finding icons from my favourite shows, such as the statue outside of 30 Rock. Tomorrow we’re gonna go see NBC and also go to the comedy cellar yay! BTW did I mention that Gone Girl is freaking awesome? You really need to go see it.
I need to get McDonalds grip off my life though, I’ve eaten it so many times since being here, it’s follows me across the world! I ate it in China, Japan, Fiji, New Zealand, all over America, seemingly if I went to Antarctica it would open it’s doors there. I don’t know how I’m thin.
Starting tomorrow I’m gonna eat other stuff, like Wendy’s haha, no! Real stuff I promise.
I’ll keep you posted on my real stuff, but I’m gonna end this post early and sleep, but I’ll have another one up real soon. Stay posted and subscribe for more of the good stuff 😉 See ya soon air breathers.