Picking a City like Picking Candy at the Movies

Hey whats up? It’s been a while!

I’ve finished my third contract, but I’ve postponed my trip to China.
I know right what could be worse?
But after disaster strikes one rarely wants to do fun things on ones own, so one delays them to a future in which one can imagine oneself happy again. So basically It’ll be November now.
It was nothing too big, but I did want to be around people I knew and not learning a foreign language in a foreign country alone. My plan now is to do it as part of a large multi country traveling plan I have ready for after I become unemployed, which may be only months away.

I’m a week away from embarking on what is probably my final contract performing for Disney, and having signed my first contract in 2011 I can barely remember a life in which I performed for anyone else.
I’ve traveled a lot in that time and spent a lot of time with Mickey Mouse, but it’s nearly time I tackle a stage that doesn’t have a princess on it and speak a line of dialogue that doesn’t end with the phrase “dreams come true” or “true loves kiss.”

It’s been amazing though, I’m absolutely not talking down on my experience, I’ve been very fortunate. The scary thing is the thought of leaving now and trying to convince anyone else in the world to cast me.
I had done very little before Disney took a chance on me, and have therefore today done very little that isn’t Disney. Basically I’m just gonna have to take a chance and leap out into the world and hope I find somewhere to land, and speaking on the topic I now have the duration of my final three month contract to decide which city to live in, perhaps permanently.

This is going to be a big decision as I haven’t had a permanent home since I was in university, so I don’t remember a life in which I own more than I can fit into a suitcase and a carry on bag. First thing I wanna do when I start a grounded life is buy a big tv! I’ve never been able to own one of those!
As a couple people reading may remember, I generally spend my summer with Disney in Alaska so that’s where I’ll be until the sea begins to re-freeze and we need to get the snowy hell outta there. Although this time we will be offering three separate shows and events based on the hit Frozen, as Disney has now decided that buzz about that film is for some reason just not going away.
When even the Godlike Tina Fey is joining the world of media mothers and coming on television talking about how her daughters talk of nothing but Frozen years after the films release, it’s time to start pumping out even more Frozen stuff.
So I’ve got that to look forward to.
But once my icy summer is over I’ll be deciding between a few cities that have made my exclusive and highly coveted list of places for me to pick as my home.
The list includes London, Toronto, Sydney and unsurprisingly Shanghai.

Shanghai is there for no more reason than that I love China to pieces, although the fact that my dollar stretches so far here doesn’t hurt either. What works against Shanghai for me is the fact that my own crappy Mandarin is stunted by my inability to learn lessons whenever I’m sad or bored, which has meant inconsistent lessons so far apart that I forget my previous learning and find myself learning backwards until I remember anything that I had studied before.
Basically trying to go to China to “make it” in acting without speaking Mandarin would be more than useless.
I could go there doing something else and study Mandarin while I’m there and try to get ‘gigs’ on the side, but lets get real. No-one with a full time job in a country that doesn’t speak their native language is doing anything ‘on the side’ except daytime drinking and getting lost trying to find national landmarks.

London would be a great one for me, I have a ton of friends in London and I speak the language. Well as I’m Australian, to an English person I don’t so much speak the language as I chew on it, stretch it out and spit in onto the sidewalk.
Points against London are for the most part that the currency would destroy my dollars and leave me almost penniless, and that unlike Chinas emerging acting market, London is chock full of people trying to act.
This is by no means an exaggeration, London is full of extremely talented and well learned actors, so much so that casting directors can turn people away simply because their hard won acting qualifications were attained at a school that isn’t fashionable enough. And here I come prancing along with my gnarly Australian accent, zero qualification, laughable experience and some notion that a $2,000 plane ticket and recently destroyed bank account means that Europe somehow owes me something.

Toronto is winning for me, it’s close enough to America that going to New York whenever I feel sad is achievable. It’s a beautiful city, and there is a large indie acting scene that combines the skill and output of an old experienced city with the fun and energy of a new one. It’s a place that with my wildly under-researched mind I believe would be more receptive to a new kid looking for a new land based start. Canadian Dollars are kind to my Australian ones, and who doesn’t like Canada? Except maybe Americans?

Sydney as you know is an Australian city, it would be the best place within Australia for me definitely as Melbourne is for hipsters who are happy to act in Indie shows for free. But mostly I would pick it not for the sense of adventure or discovery, but for the fact that it’s not far from my home and I could visit home as frequently as I like. A lame reason to pick a city? Absolutely. It’s a choice people make all the time, but I myself find it a very unremarkable choice to make.

Have an opinion? Let me know! And I’ll update again soon, keep traveling and don’t make choices for lame reasons!
Have a good one 🙂


It’s Time for Change in 2015. But What do I Do?

Well it’s nearly Christmas, and just as I have for the previous 2 Christmas’s I will be spending it on the opposite side of the world to my family.
At this point it’s not the burden it was the first time I did it, I’m hardly a child anymore, and I’m not yet at the point I have to worry about being there for my own kids.
But it’s still pretty much the only holiday Australians take seriously as Thanksgiving/Halloween and everything else don’t exist down under, therefore in missing one holiday, I miss them all.
This year my Christmas will be spent at Disney’s Castaway Cay, an island paradise to be sure, but hardly ideal for me.
I will likely spend it performing a kids archeological show in the sand, and eating burgers on the beach, but I’m still hankering for my white Christmas.
I think this time next year I’ll spend it in Asia, I’m pretty sure Shanghai Disneyland is due to open for the holidays next year so maybe I’ll have a chilly Chinese Christmas in Shanghai instead.
For some reason I doubt I’ll be working for Disney this time next year, I can feel the end of an era drawing near as I yearn to venture into the non magical real world beyond the lands lorded by Mickey Mouse.
It’s not to say I don’t care about the company anymore, I’ve come to a point where I could work for this company forever, but I crave change and need new experiences.
I’m still seriously considering spending 4 months in Kunming China simply to learn Mandarin, or even just a few weeks if I feel I can’t commit to that kind of time frame.
Other options now include moving to London, crashing at my friends London apartment and look for auditions and work casually. Her demands in return simply include my dedication to a Downton Abbey lazy Sunday every weekend, which suits me perfectly. I’ve never been to Europe at all, and the idea of living in London and auditioning sounds “like a dream, a wonderful dream come true”. (A Cinderella quote from a show I’m a part of, I can’t say ‘like a dream’ anymore without finishing the line).
Theres also still the possibility of my potentially maybe joining Royal Caribbean’s fleet performing for DreamWorks shows. That would be really great, and would return me to the performance style I grew to love while I worked at Disney World.

Failing everything else I can always move to Sydney in my home country of Australia and audition for stuff, it would be a new city after all and a great place to start again.
I have a close friend in Orlando who would let me crash with her and look for work, but it would be tough to get the right visa to work legally.
Another problem is that once I do anything thats not working for a cruise line I’ll be responsible for buying plane tickets again, which hasn’t been a problem for me for the past year and a half. I barely remember the $2,500 sting of a return flight to America, that smarts.
I’m grateful for options, but it’s been plaguing me and it’s difficult to decide what I want. But for now I’ll enjoy Christmas, and if your going to sail Christmas aboard the Disney Wonder then I will put on an extra good show for you 😉
I hope you all have wonderful holidays and I’ll talk again soon. 🙂

Stop Going to Bali

Peoples unoriginality with the way they travel is getting me mad.
If you are someone that would be offended if you read a blog post about how vacationing to Bali is ruining it, please avert your eyes. Find instead a post about the realities of another world perhaps.
Heres a link to get you started – http://www.windows2universe.org/earth/Life/S_environment.html

Originally when I started this blog I planned on saying stuff I wouldn’t say otherwise, and though I’ve said some controversial things that I wouldn’t normally say, telling people to quit freaking going to Bali is never advisable.
This is because people are crazy for Bali, and are either unaware or uncaring of how their irresponsible was are causing damage. This applies particularly to Australians who they can’t get enough of this place that has so many qualities of our own country. Australians defend their Bali vacations furiously, they love the sun, the surf, and particularly how cheap it is.
Australians never stop to realise that they may be a problem, so laid back are we that this thought may never come to mind.

Traffic is gridlocked with tourist traffic, big foreign business is driving out the locals, and the worst damage is to the local environment.
The local forestry has been ravaged with resort development and things like billboards, and beaches are no less impacted by heavy development right up to the edge of the sand.
Its a small segment of a small country and like a young celebrity has blown up way bigger than it should have, and subsequently foreigners have moved in and taken over. Rather than allow locals to capitalise, foreign big business has sucked up market share.

Im mostly baffled as to why these vacationers are so narrow minded. Millions of Australians go to Bali, so much so that flying people there and back is the backbone of Jetstars business. These vacationers are uninterested in the rest of Indonesia, some that I’ve talked to so stupid as to believe that Bali is a country of it own.
Travel is about discovery, and when you read statistics saying that the majority of Bali visiters are repeat visitors then you realise that discovery plays a small role in these vacationers decision to travel.
If these people aren’t traveling to discover, then what are they traveling for?
When you push a Bali fan long enough you come to learn that money is the main factor, and how much they save by not traveling with any originality. To which I want to slap them.
There are so many discount places in the world to visit, so many that offer amazing experiences and a chance to discover without hurting the locals and saving a fortune with the currency exchange rate.
Less frequented countries need the tourism and benefit strongly from a steady stream of visitors, and swapping dollars for their local currency helps them out and can massively save the health of your wallet.
I urge you to travel responsibly and with originality! Research and find somewhere beautiful, somewhere so stunning you cant keep away.
Find somewhere where your dollars are gonna buy you tons of local currency, and check how far that currency will stretch with food, hotels and transport. What does it all cost with comparison to where your from?
And lastly find somewhere that wants you, and stay at a locally owned hotel and pour your money into the local economy.

Believe it or not staying at the Hilton or the Crown Plaza in Bali is not helping Indonesia at all. These businesses pay locals next to nothing to run their resorts and keep massive amounts of profit.
These locals could be running their own businesses and stimulating the local economy, and some would otherwise be if they had the chance.
I know this problem is not exclusive to Bali, but as a citizen of the country causing this place the vast majority of its issues, this problem frustrates me.
I hope the frequent Bali visitor reading doesn’t feel to guilty reading, and I hope the self righteous reading don’t feel like their attempts to shop and stay locally in Bali helped all that much. Any foreign money into Bali at this point it fueling the fire of companies buying rice land off the farmers, limiting farmer land expansion, and the destruction of the coral reefs to build roads to service growing foreign business.
I think the famous isle needs a cleanse, and we need to let the Balinese heal. If you agree that you will chose somewhere else to vacation then let me know, I’d love to hear your opinion.
If we show a declining interest in our desire to vacation to and and play a part in ruining Bali, then maybe the Balinese can begin to pick up the pieces and corporations will move the hell out of their way.
If you don’t agree then that’s fine, not everyone will agree with everything. I’ll have a softer post out soon once I’ve hit Miami. 🙂
Hit subscribe if you’d like to see more, and let me know if you’ve got something to say. Talk again soon, until then, vacation responsibly.

Treating a City as you would a good wine

When I travel to a new city, walk around it and explore it the way that I do, I treat it like a fancy person treats wine.
I’ve particularly noticed it while being in Melbourne again, even though this isn’t a new city for me. Whenever something requires me to stand still for a time, such as awaiting the arrival of a tram, I’ll take in as much as I can while I’m there.
There’s no time for boredom when your traveling and only in a city for a limited time, so even standing in one spot can be made memorable.
I did it a lot in New York while I was there, but was far less aware of what I was doing.
This is what I do.
First I look, and take in everything I can. I search the city for unique architecture, the people, the business’, everything that I’m not gonna see once I’ve left the city.
I loved the colors along the streets of Cartagena, I counted the street vendors through New York, and basked in the LED lighting throughout Shanghai.
Cities are way better once your in them, and the best sights in my opinion are the everyday sights you can’t see anywhere else. Rather than the top of those buildings that allow you to see the whole city, or the monuments that make the city famous, I love the every differences in the regular streets.
The next thing I love to do is take in a big whiff. Often a mistake in the wrong parts of any city, taking in several sniffs is my favorite way of building memories and associations between different places and feelings of happiness.
Smell is a massive tool for our memory, and I love nothing more than to smell something familiar and have it remind me of a happy moment in a strange city.
We remember smells in places without conscious effort anyway, but I like to intentionally help the process to ensure that if I return to a city, I want to be able to smell it and remember the bond I’d already made with the area.
The more I travel to these spectacular places, the more worried I am to lose it. At some point I’ve got to stop and settle somewhere, but it’s got to be somewhere so spectacular that I could live with the thought of just staying put.
Anywhere I am currently, I don’t have to worry about not liking it because sooner or later I’m going to leave.
This is no way to live forever, traditional life moves at a glacial pace this way.
Relationships do happen for people who live like I do, but stuff like marriage and children takes a lot longer, is a lot rarer, and is a lot harder to manage.
But I don’t prioritize anything above career and travel, and giving up a life that marries the two may leave me more miserable than satisfied. It’s tough though because this can’t last forever, so I’ve got to work out a plan sooner or later, I’m not someone that can live without a plan.
Those of you who read my last post will know I’m beginning to prepare my body to transform back into a performers body, so I’ve been eating better and tomorrow I’ll start a cleanse.
I need to wash my vacation out of my body which has been filled with fatty foods and zero exercise.
This contract is going to be a hot one as I’ll be finding myself mostly in the Caribbean, Bahamas and Central America. I’ve always been at the opinion that Mexico is a stargate to Tatooine, it feels like a whole different sun. Or two suns.
As someone who hates to sweat and very much enjoyed our time in Alaska over the summer, this is going to have its challenges.
However I’m excited to have new experiences and am determined to visit new things such as the Mayan ruins.
Well guys it’s been a pleasure, I found a few of your comments today I had somehow missed and have now replied to on previous posts so if you asked a question I may have finally replied haha. I will be sure to keep my eyes more open from this point on 😉
Have a great one! Travel safe 🙂

Sell Me!

Hold the phone everyone I just discovered that JFK has free wifi.
Yep, I’ve been shunning this airport all this time because I thought that the only wifi was the expensive wifi but no, you can scroll down and you a link that allows you free wifi if you watch an American Airlines commercial first. AA pays for your internet if you watch their ad, amazing.
I feel like I book flights based on who’s cheapest at the time, but American paid a ton of money to make a commercial and literally just paid for me to enjoy internet in exchange for me watching the commercial they made. All this, and I’m 100% sure it won’t influence my decision making when booking flights in the future.
I say this yet I wonder whether theres something about my own mind I don’t know, that they do know.
Commercials can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to make, and unlike movies people are actively avoiding seeing them, so the profits generated from the commercial aren’t as black and white and easy to graph.
When business spikes you have to hope it was because of this incredibly expensive investment, but so often I suspect these commercials are not working.
When their annoying and shout at me, I actively avoid their product. Although actively avoiding their product is still thinking about and talking about their product, so maybe it works after all. You see? They know our thoughts.
With the hundreds of thousands being spent on common commercials, and millions spent on larger campaigns, there is definitely something else going on.
I get bombarded with a lot of advertisements from very specific companies that have seen my browser history, credit card purchases, and email distribution and know what products I want.
I’m offered discount flights a lot, hotels, food and weirdly advertisements for auditions.
Auditions are something that I want to succeed at and there-by book the job, so it annoys the heck out of me when someone is advertising the position in a commercial and enticing me to want the gig.
Obviously I want the gig, Your the ones with the power! You choose me, I don’t choose you!
The first time I auditioned for Disney they had us all sitting in a room watching a video together before we could individually show our stuff. This video literally said stuff like “so will you come and join us?” And other obvious statements that don’t need answering.
Obviously we want to come work for you, why else am I sitting here clutching my headshot?
Other audition advertisements talk about ‘joining the family’, I’m sorry but the only time I’ve ever felt ‘family’ is in community theatre. Theres no money involved in community theatre, and money rules out the fuzzy family feeling in my opinion.
Some advertisements are a pleasure, and I love those cinematic ones that cost a fortune and have a freaking soundtrack.
If you got a bunch of guys together in a recording studios with violins and crap, chances are I will love your commercial and want your product.
Unless its a car.
I think thats where it is right there, different advertisements speak to different people. I love luxury and prestige, particularly when it’s out of my reach. Just like in love, I only want a product I can’t have. So advertisements for colognes, hotels, destinations, anything outside of my price range and I’ll want it.
If it’s cheap, common, and the commercial is shouting at me then I’m turned off. This same ad works for someone else, someone who wants something budget and shops a lot.
I don’t care about the expense in the commercials advertising expensive products because most of the time I have no interest in buying it.
I live out of a suitcase so if I buy something to put into it, something else needs to be thrown out of it.
Even if I don’t ever buy the product though, if I love it then I will talk about it to people who will buy it. Don’t test a performer who was once a healthcare salesman in a country with universal healthcare, I will sell the damn product with my ranting.
But other times I can afford it because I buy things so infrequently that I spend the money I accumulate over periods of time not spending above survival, then pay for it online with my credit card and use my email address. The same credit card and email address advertisers used to sell me the last product I bought.
By the hammer of Thor it works.
I’m off to go buy a muffin before I fly, chances are I saw a poster of it coming in.
See ya’ll soon and subscribe for more 😉
See ya on the flippety flip.

Am I … Becoming American?

I’m loving having the internet back so much!
I’m using it right now to watch ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’ and learning everything that’s wrong with America.
Damn if this show isn’t interesting, it’s such a great watch, but holy cow does it make America seem messed up.
I’m sure every country has as many problems, but every country does not have lots of resources to make high quality HBO shows that tell us all our countries problems.
Between this show, Jersey Shore, Bridezilla, and a number of other self depredating TV shows, us foreigners are wondering if there’s any benefit to America.
But we’re the ones at the end of the day coming to America, and America remains a country where very few people immigrate away so I guess theres more to this country than meets the television.
I’ve seen some parts that I’ve really liked, and I’ve got to admit the majority places I have the best memories of are in the South.
I had some amazing times meeting people in Texas, some incredible food and genuinely warm people who laughed a lot and loved my accent.
I’ve got to say though, they’re crazy for loving my accent when the southern accent (particularly the Texas one) is in my opinion the best accent in the world. I think it’s an amazing accent, it’s fun, relaxing and literally impossible to sound snobbish no matter what is said.
I also love Florida and have spent lots of time there, although people say it doesn’t really count as the South. I think thats crazy coz you can’t get any more south than Florida before hitting Mexico, but apparently when it comes to Florida the further south you go the further north your actually headed.
Whatever the case, the South is as friendly as people say, and the North has New York so it’s ok with me. 😉
I think the only things I wouldn’t do in America with my current understanding of things is study, or use the hospital without money. But thats ok, I’ve tried study in my home country and Disney covers my health care in America so we’re covered there.
Besides these two issues I’d live here definitely, I’d just make sure not to murder anyone within a death penalty state, and try to avoid guns as like everyone non-American and non-tough I’m terrified of them.
Oh crap — does that rule out Texas? — But I love Texas.
It doesn’t matter, as I spend more time here my understanding grows, and I grow more American. I’m hitting my R sounds harder these days, and I find that American McDonalds tastes absolutely fine now. I barely recognise myself.
Perhaps I’ll travel to Europe next and iron out some of the rougher changes.
Anyway, tomorrow we’re headed to LA so I’m going to get some sleep before my (God help me) 7 hour flight tomorrow.
(If I’m dreading this flight so much, how will I be in 5 days when I fly roughly 45,00000 hours to Australia?? Best not to worry now).
Please subscribe for more adventures, and keep wearing sunscreen. 🙂
Particularly in Australia.
Our Ozone is practically a piece of ripped cling wrap.

Invented by Me ;)

I’ve been thinking lately that I should be doing something productive with my vacation.
I’ve begun watching ‘Silicone Valley’ which is a comedy series following app designers working for a company called Huli that is basically Google.
In this show, young people are designing apps, making things and changing the world. I love watching shows like this, and love watching people innovate stuff and make change. This is why I love ‘Shark Tank’ so much, a reality show following investment “sharks” put money into new innovations and businesses, but I want to be part of it!
I’ve begun my slow path to becoming an investor, however I’m not even close to becoming an entrepreneur, so I’m not sure what I can do, but I want to contribute something!
So I’ve got 5 weeks left of vacation from work, and I’ve put my money into my New York/Melbourne/Queensland travel and my real estate investment. With all my money tied up, and whilst traveling, is there anything I can do?
I’m ok with the idea of buying my way into someone else’s idea, the beauty of investment, but for that id need much more money and smarts.
I’m in New York right now, in the line to get into the Guggenheim at donation prices, that’s right I’m with the other cheap sons of guns who don’t wanna pay full price for culture.
Inside is full of peoples thoughts, ideas and inventions taunting me.
Does anyone else have these thoughts? What can I create, put my name on and offer to the world?!
I guess writing is an obvious answer, but I would have to be narcissistic to truly believe the world is going to actually benefit from my putting pen to paper, not to mention the fact that I’ll sooner discover the existance of Unikitties before earning money from writing anything.
Another answer is to learn a new skill besides the one I utilize for a living. To be honest, I did take an online code writing class, and as good as the class was I’m useless in regards to both talent and interest.
I once used a cheating app making program to make a crappy space game, but its no flappy bird to say the least.
I’m guessing for now I’m going to have to settle for my lot, traveling the world as a stage performer for Walt Disney Entertainment. (I’m totally joking my job rocks), but nomatter how good employment gets I’m never gonna rest on my laurels until I’m adding something tangible and feeling awesome doing it.
If you’d like, let me know your thoughts on contribution to the world, id love to know what you think. If you haven’t already, subscribe for more thoughts n stuff as I travel, and have a good night tonight. 🙂
Think of something awesome while you sleep, then let me invest in it haha! Till next time, have a good one 😉