Fiction, but different

Does anyone know why my throat hurts? It’s really annoying and it keeps happening.

I’ve written something in a fashion unlike how I normally write, and I’m not sure if it’s any good. Is it bearable writing in this fashion? If you’d like let me know 🙂

When we Dream

The wind around him danced with joy as if celebrating his inevitable return. John sat in the tiny dingy, motionless and thoughtless. He simply sat and allowed his body to be tossed in every direction and made no effort to defend his shivering body as it was assaulted by the icy fingers of the water grabbing at him from beyond the sides of the boat.

John displayed no emotion, made no movement. His face hung from his head, dragged down by creases to deep for his young age, his expression only read malcontent.
John continued to sit a little while longer, allowed himself to be abused by the elements and welcomed the sick feeling at the base of his stomach as the boat lurched and leapt about the waves. Then he looked up.

As if on cue a wave abnormally large and fast began to charge in Johns direction, like a charging bull it ran at John with untamable ferocity and speed.
He welcomed it as it grew in size much larger than the boat and closed his eyes as it fell like a building onto his boat splitting it into matches.

John felt his limp body rip through the bottom of the boat, tearing threw the wood as it broke apart like a child’s lego creation being sat on by a large clumsy adult.
He tore threw the water falling deeper and deeper through the water, he didn’t bother holding his breathe, so he could already feel his lungs beginning to burn.

Suddenly John caught a glimpse of something he hadn’t ever seen before, a deep chasm on the ocean floor. Like a giant hole punched through a floor it sat gaping far below him, and just as his eyes began to cloud over he thought he saw something very peculiar, a large, very flat shimmer just above the hole, like the reflection given off a sheet of thin plastic covering a bowl of coleslaw sitting on the bottom of a pool on a sunny day.

John woke up. As usual his eyes burst open rudely and his breathing erupted into deep intaking and exhaling, gulping it down greedily as if it at any second it will run away unless he consumes it.
Once he realized another nights sleep was over, his panicked face fell once again into its usual bored and tired expression. His face didn’t move much in those days, there was no need and no-one to please. John lived alone, he was only in his late twenties but had become bored with life and unhappy with his lot in it.

Once he was truly certain his share of sleep was spent, he rolled out of bed and edged toward the shower. John could not have been less happy and more bored, a situation about as exciting as a sardine and cheese sandwich after it had been sitting in the sun all day while you had been trying to fish a bowl of coleslaw out of the pool without getting all wet. After John had repeated his well worn out routine of getting ready, showering, air- drying, vacuuming, exfoliating, meditating and excessing, he made his way to work.

Most people work a dull and boring job, the chain of events, usually including laziness at school, not entering university, clubbing and drinking, and other such life decisions that can be fun, but unhelpful, end at a job that people work at for forty years and then retire. In terms of enjoyment these jobs are walks in the park, or in terms of fulfillment are reaching into the pool and collecting the bowl of coleslaw compared to the job that John was forced to endure six days a week. John worked as a toll booth operator, a position that required sitting in a very hot box and doing nothing but collecting money off people as they drove past, probably on their way to a job that including walks in parks or collecting food from pools. Most days all John could do was rest his head on his hand and sigh, then lift his head off his hand and collect money, then repeat the process. This extremely dull and unfulfilling process was only interrupted by a note that was secured to the door of his box. John stepped up the small step placed there to enter his box, or to trip over he never knew which, and leaned forward to read the note.

“Dear Mr Smith, I’m afraid I have to inform you that your employment has been terminated, effective immediately. The reason for this is that a brilliant engineer has invented an automated machine to take your place. We are sorry to let you go as you have been a valued member of the team, however as the team no longer exists you are no longer valuable or required. We hope you continue to use these roads as a valued customer instead, please clean out your box immediately. You have not been paid for coming today. Sincerely Mr. F Nelson, Government Roads Inc.”

By the time John had finished reading the note his mouth hung so far open it almost embraced his neck, but before long he composed himself, turned around, stepped off the entering step and made his way home, his mood gloomier than ever and his future all the more bleak.

John drove home with a lump of despair in his stomach so painful, it made the working life he had just seen ended seem as good as a daily trip to a theme park might be. Similar to

how waking up on a Monday morning makes you realize how blissful waking up on the previous Saturday morning really was, unless of course that particular Saturday morning someone very close to you was taken by someone you thought was dead. That particular incidence may make you realize how blissful the previous Monday morning really was by comparison, and how you really should have kept that time machine in better condition, and the cycle goes on.

John arrived home with approximately 13 hours to burn until he would collapse into his bed and drift off into the world of sleep. I could describe the events of those thirteen hours in detail, but I don’t think words could give the lifelessness of his day as much justice as four photographs hanging on the wall could. And as he carried out his day with as much energy and expression as a depressed garden gnome, it would be no injustice to use such a gnome as the actor playing John in the photos.

The first photo would depict gnome-John sitting on a couch, the second standing in a garden holding a hose, the third standing in the kitchen holding a saucepan, and the fourth standing in the shower holding a bottle of grapefruit scented shampoo. If you can picture these pictures in your head in detail, then you have accurately seen his entire day.

Then once his head did hit the pillow, as it had done so many nights prior. He stared at his favorite Emily M Cloran quote which hung upon the wall, and clung to a small piece of hope. “Anyone can escape into sleep, we are all geniuses when we dream, the butcher
s the poet’s equal there.” John was not inspired to live, but he was inspired to sleep, and through sleep he would find his escape. His eyes closed and he entered the world of sleep.

John sat in the boat, his expression unchanged by the many experiences he had forced to endure in this very boat, experience had simply taught him to wait it out and it would all be over soon. The wind lashed against his face, and the freezing water stabbed into his skin, his eyelashes clung to his eyelids for safety and his teeth began to chatter their plea for warmth. The dream felt more and more real every time he experienced it, all his nerves ached with pain from the bitter cold, and he almost smiled in pride at his own imagination. On cue the wave began to roll into view, he remembered the first time he saw it and how much he had panicked, but now he simply sighed and tried to imagine some warmth into the dream.

On cue the wave hit, on cue he was forced into the water. He sunk, pushed down by the force of the wave, his arms and legs flailed in all directions and he simply allowed himself to sink further and further, and waited for himself to “die” and wake up.

Then he saw it, the reflective light shone above the chasm, just like a plastic food-bowl covering. “Damned if I’m gonna have a part of my own dream I don’t know about” he thought to himself, and he began to force his body to swim towards the shine. He knew it had to be something, even dreams follow some rules. So with nothing to lose he forced his body lower and lower, thinking heavy thoughts and trying not to pass out. Soon his eyes began to get blurry and his head began to ache, but just above the glow he reached his arm out and grabbed.

He felt it, a thin film stretched across the chasm, he reached further and grabbed a handful and with his last sliver of strength pulled and ripped a hole in the film. Suddenly a great rush of suction grabbed his body and ripped him into the hole, the dream had changed and he screamed into the water with surprise. Like a star into a black hole, John was sucked into the underwater tunnel and down a deep underwater chasm and lost to the surface world forever.

John had at last found his escape.


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Back into Space – Part 2

Well I’m going to Queensland today to enjoy my last 4 days in Australia for quite some time. Queensland is good for 2 things, my parents and Warner Bros. Movie World.
Movie World is no Disney World, but paying the same price to get in and experience something along the same lines is comforting.

Anyway that’s quite enough for the merits of Queensland, we have a story to get back to. Now where was I …

“Fael was not happy about Alyssi’s attraction to the creature, he was aware that Genie had passed a law legalizing romance between humanoids and plants because of a case involving an Elf and a tree in the Eastern sector, but he wasn’t happy with it, and decided it wasn’t right. 

It’s not that he cared what she did with herself, she was a grown female; it just felt like a waste. She was a brilliant human woman, and they are not as common as mere tree’s. 

Her form was acceptable, her being so petit. She had long hair, which in itself was a commendable feature. 

Her smile filled her face and was appropriately distanced from her nose, and always put him in a good mood. 

He was not enjoying the lack of attention he was getting these days, she never made him anything anymore.

She needed him, and she was more than likely taking him for granted. Did she think she had grown so mature that she could make decisions about things such as this? She was not even beyond her teenage years. He wished he had never begun digging in the first place. 

At first it could be assumed by some that his concerns were unwarranted, that he was reacting emotionally and with a bias born from jealousy. He began to think an assumption such as this may be warranted, but then he began to notice the changes the tree had brought to Alyssi, particularly in how she treated him.

Over time, she began to feel and act more sluggish. 

She stopped innovating regularly, and was content with her day after completing smaller and smaller tasks before feeling tired and retreating to be with her tree. 

Alyssi had grown tired of Fael and his constant disapproval. Whenever she pondered and was honest with herself, she knew that deep inside she was gleeful at how terribly he was reacting to her taking such a shining to her new tree.

She knew it killed him to see her so happy with someone else, and she loved it. It was his fault after all, he had driven her away with neglect. 

Geren wasn’t like Fael at all, he was sweet and kind. He listened to her stories, and supported her frustration towards Fael. 

One thing that she missed was the way Fael’s eyes would dance at the sight of her creations, Geren showed no interest in them at all. 

He believed they wasted time, time that could be spent with the ones we cared about. 

She began to believe the things he talked about, the importance of time spent with others, and began to think less of her silly trinkets and inventions. 

What was a useless piece of junk in comparison to a day talking with someone close to you, relaxed in the sun, at piece with the planet. 

Something had to be very wrong, not in his whole life had Fael seen Alyssi as anything resembling sluggish, and now she had become the very definition. She was generally a hard worker and prioritized like a master.

As time wore on she gave up even trying and simply slept against the tree’s trunk and mumbled occasionally, or lifted a hand to swat a passing leaf in the wind. 

Fael tried to reason with her, tried to make her see that she was changing, that she wasn’t even a shadow of the girl she use to be. She couldn’t make herself even want talk to him, it was simply easier to mumble to the tree man and sleep.
Seasons changed, and the tree man grew and changed, and with him, it seemed Alyssi began to change aswell. Her color over time began to change with his, and she was thrilled that she was beginning to resemble her wooden soul mate.

As her color slowly shifted into more earthen shades, it became more and more difficult to change positions while resting against her tree. 

One day she simply picked a position and committed to it, closing her eyes and falling into a deep sleep. 

Fael could scarcely stand by any longer and see his dear friend become one with a tree, her body had sunk into his flesh and become part of its form.

Her body was simply jagged corners of it’s sides, her face joining other lines and crevices and becoming nothing more than paw grips for squirrels. 

By this time the planet had descended into winter, and Fael had found a cave under the frosted grass filled with crunchy leaves to hide in and wait out the cold. 

Buried beneath the earth, Fael could find comfort in the warmth of the star radiating beneath him, the seemingly only constant in a world rife with change.

Winter pressed on, and Fael would emerge from his cave for minutes at a time whenever he could to visit Alyssi. Barely recognizable, she had slipped into a deep sleep and had become part of the tree. The tree himself had stopped talking altogether and was now indistinguishable from any of the other bare and shivering plant life left on the planet.

Though indistinguishable for now, competition for individuality was becoming increasingly scarce as everywhere around it the tree’s and plant-life were dying. Fael looked around him and wondered if it were the fault of the tree itself, or of the ever worsening winter.” —-

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Back into Space – Part 1

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btw incase you were wondering about todays ‘Munchy Mondays Restaurant Review’ that was suppose to be coming out, I’m moving it to tomorrow. Yes I’m keeping the name, even though it’s Tuesday so you’ll have to come to terms with that.

The reason is that I’m in Melbourne today and I’ve already done a review in Melbourne, so I’m gonna go to a restaurant in Queensland tomorrow and review that one instead.

Today I explored Melbourne and not much happened that was super exciting, so I decided to write a little fiction. This story is my sequel to the previous story I wrote, if you wanna read that first please scroll back to ‘Fiction Blast 1’. However this story is not a direct sequel so reading the first one isn’t mandatory.

Remember this Friday I’m beginning a short story series that which will be in weekly editions released each Friday, so this fiction sampler should tell you whether or not you will want to be involved. 😉 I sure hope you do.

Little Planet – Part 1:

“It’s a funny thing, that we exist and are in fact defined by the things that cause us both our greatest joys and our greatest sorrows. 

Those of us who have not yet had positive encounters with experiences such as love, fear, purpose or pears; would know that these such things can cause us to become creatures that don’t necessarily reflect our true selves. Creatures that cry, scream, throw precious objects around and curse the people we once held dear. 

Disasters such as love and the others can seem counter-productive to what may have been a carefree and pleasant life, had it not been for their uninvited and unwanted input. Love is often on ones doorstep without so much as a phone call, and rather than tell it to run along and bother someone else as we ought to, we weaken to its charm and allow it to change our lives radically, often for the worse. 

Fael and Alyssi shared a planet called Bole located in the Northern sector of the Tiny Galaxy.

This galaxy was a piece of space containing the entire human race after it moved from Earth 2 under the leadership of the Genie Government. 

The common practice for the citizens of the Tiny Galaxy was to allow each human a planet of his or her own from ten years of age, however two years after moving onto their respective planets, the planets belonging to Fael and Alyssi fell into the same orbit around a fate star. 

During their twelfth year, the planets collided with the star creating one larger planet inhabited by two people and heated from within by the giant, living star. 

Though it was unusual for two people to be living on the same planet, Fael and Alyssi got along very well. It was not recommended to have two people living on the same planet, because as they were both human, they were both prone to extreme levels of selfishness. Studies have shown that only when a human is living on his or her own planet, being looked after by their own individual obesity tree can one be truly happy. However as two obesity tree’s cannot exist on the same planet because of their extensive root system, one of them shriveled up days after the planets collided and they both shared the same tree.

Fael enjoyed life on Bole, he got along with Alyssi and generally didn’t possess any worries at all. The planet was dotted with a few trees and quite a few mountains, and he enjoyed digging as a hobby to pass the time.

He would often find shiny stones that were created by the heat of the living fate star at the core of the planet. Alyssi was nice, and didn’t get annoying. She wasn’t very tall, had rather long blonde hair and a fair complexion.

Sometimes they would eat dinner together at the top of one of the taller mountains and look for shooting stars in the distance of space, life was relaxed and he enjoyed things this way.

Alyssi found life on Bole a mixed bag. She enjoyed life, living in a glorious tree house she built herself without the aid of the obesity tree. She enjoyed building a lot and spent her time walking the mountains, looking for trees and mud to build things with.

She very much enjoyed making objects that made Fael’s life easier and made his digging more efficient. She was often thinking of ways to create a sharper shovel, or innovate systems of keeping dirts from sliding back into dug holes. 

She loved the look on his face when she would present him with something helpful she had innovated, and lived for the look in his eye that seemed to tell her that she was useful. Fael’s eyes sparkled and danced as he chatted endlessly about his days findings during one of their dinner dates on the top of the mountain. 

The reason life was a mixed bag, was even though everything was perfect, it was also not perfect. He did not see that she wanted him to share more than simply a tree and a planet with him. 

The longer he seemed to not understand what she wanted, the less perfect life became. 

Then one day life changed. The day was normal, indistinguishable from any other and yet the perfect day for something amazing to suddenly appear onto life’s doorstep with no warning or phone call.

Fael was digging, as was customary during the fourteenth hour of any given day when he noticed Alyssi approaching from over the northern hill. 

As it was not unusual to see her walking in his direction, he simply remained gazing at her and not looking where he was digging. 

As a result of his inattention he was surprised when his shovel hit something hard and bounced out of his hand. 

One of the many trees that dotted the landscape of Bole had fallen years ago, and been covered by the dust of years gone by. During this time it had been near the heat of the fate star, and over time developed life. The strike from the shovel was all it needed to start its

 suddenly beating wooden heart and it promptly sat up and gave Alyssi a smile that could melt leaves.

Fael decided right away he did not like the wooden man. Almost immediately the thing crawled out of the hole and went and spoke with Alyssi about something beyond Fael’s earshot.

He didn’t mind at first, but then over the following days the thing kept on forcing Alyssi to spend time with it. The thing was obviously lonely, but it was unfair to make that Alyssi’s problem on a daily basis. 

Fael made plans everyday to make the creature leave Alyssi alone, but everyday he told himself that she was a grown lady, and that he should mind his own business. 

Alyssi loved the wooden man straight away, and from the moment he walked up to her and introduced himself as Geren she almost forgot that Fael even existed. 

Geren and Alyssi spent almost all of their time together, every moment that Geren could spare he would spend with her. 

Whole days were spent simply strolling away the time around the planet, talking about whatever came into their minds to talk about. 

Alyssi would walk along and fiddle with an innovation in her hands, and Geren would dance ahead of her, acting silly and trying to gain her attention and make her laugh. He was everything Alyssi had always wished Fael would be. 

Time spent with him seemed to drift away and she found that she couldn’t think of a time where she was happier.” —

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Battle Royale

So today I leave Beijing! Noooooo!!
But silver lining I am taking a train back through the countryside of China and back to Shanghai. Yay!
I loved the train last time, it’s really fun, so I’m excited for today.

So I woke up this morning with some mixed emotions about life and family, so I wrote some fiction. It doesn’t have a lot of context, but it’s basically just a short story in which two bad ass guys break out of prison.

I know what you might be thinking, “we’ve never been to a travel blog before that insisted on writing short stories??” .. Well ya know. We all gotta do our own thang.

Ok here it is ma friends. 😉 Hope you enjoy, let me know!

In a flash of bright light and a deafening sound like that if a hurricane, Lurtz and Fox appeared back in their jail cell; this had not been their first time. Instantly Lurtz began to feel the return of the heavy tiredness, the side effect of both too much teleportation and the pixie spell over the cell designed to subdue prisoners. Fox smashed a potion on the ground, this one hissed for a second then uttered a noise like a whisper as a small vapor appeared and disappeared like fog. Lurtz instantly felt better, it was useful having Fox around, he seemed to create and dissipate spells with too much ease.

Not to be outdone in usefulness, Lurtz pulled a small stone from his pocket and placed it under his foot. Feeling the power of the ground channel from the stone through his body and into his hand, he reached forward and grabbed one of the magical bars of the cell. The bars were made up of powerful dust particles, forming a dense bar connected from the roof to the ground, almost impenetrable. However as Lurtz grabbed the centre pole, a spark shot through the bar, and a earthen color began to ooze from his gripped hand. Within seconds the entire bar became brown and turned to rock, Lurtz then smashed it effortlessly with the butt of his bow and squeezed through the gap.

Lurtz and Fox crept through the prison tunnels, not daring to make a sound. The tunnels acted as dark passageways cutting through the ground, linking the prison cells like a criminal beehive. Lurtz and Fox couldn’t help being anxious as bitter feelings of helplessness surrounded them. Depression filled them both, however they did not weaken their resolve, they knew their feelings were simulated and a part of the magic that keeps one locked in this prison. The most powerful weapon of all to a prisoner being the will to escape.

At last they reached Pixie City, though it housed creatures only inches tall it was still the size of a regular city. They stood behind the closest building, peering out, millions of pixies were flying in all directions, Lurtz could not believe how crowded it was. it shone a bright gold colour and somehow fit entirely underground. Fox invoked a cloaking spell and they crept through the streets, regular magic would be negated here but through strong potions they still had some power, but they had to be careful, even the high strength cloaking potion was still weak here. They crept through the streets, seeming to any onlookers as a shadow, or a trick of the light.

They continued until they reached the gate, bound in such a way that only a resident of the city could ever pass through. They stood in the shadow of the nearest overhanging building and formulated their method of escape.

“Stop!” A pixie had seen them and with a flash of blinding light cast a spell that caught Lurtz in the blink of an eye, he managed to rasp a breath to whimper, terrified, before turning into stone.
Fox thought quickly and broke off a stone arrow from Lurtz’s quiver and launched it at the charging Pixie, cutting between its hand and wand. Separated from its wand for the first time in its life the Pixie screamed and burst into dust.

Fox had time to hurriedly throw down another cloaking spell before guards came to investigate the commotion.
Satisfied that they had gone and sufficient time had gone by, Fox approached the giant gate and forced the glowing wand into the key hole. The gates shuddered before swinging open allowing Fox full access to the world of Gaia for the first time.

“Party time” Fox snickered and took his first steps into freedom.

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Fiction Blast! Part 2

Hey guys, well here is the final part to the short story I began yesterday.
If you enjoyed reading it then I’ll do this again soon, it’s been a blast for me so I hope it has been for you too.
Read part 1 first if you haven’t already, it is the post before the ‘5 things’ post before this one. Two posts ago basically.
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Little Universe Pt 2 by Me


Agnes stared at her with disbelief. How could something so incredible exist? And in one more act of thievery the girl stole his obesity tree, as it curled up and died the second the thought of her entered his mind and stole his dependance on it. The obesity tree was genetically designed for one purpose, to serve the needs and desires of its master, helping them live in happiness and luxury. Agnes now only desired to make her happier than she could ever be, and be the only thing she would ever need or want. His heart was bursting with pain, because he’d fallen earlier that day onto a root jutting from the ground and winded himself, and now his mind hurt also because of his new obsession with her. He was filled with so much rare and potent affection, it was the poison that killed the poor tree, making it the first obesity tree in three hundred years to die a death of that nature.

All these things happened in mere seconds, and in that time Apnes’ life was changed permanently. Over the coming days she would become the object of his speculation through the ‘looking water’ as the hard device being used by Apnes to stare at her through had become known. Her form was beyond compare, her dark hair fell like a waterfall down her cheeks, past her shoulders and down her back. Her hair was littered with flowers of every kind, which reflected the dress made entirely out of flowers and happiness which she had sewn only weeks before his discovering her. However it was her smile that captured Apnes obsession, making her a thief of yet another of his metaphorical possessions. Every time he caught her smile through the looking water, he added it to the string he was using to create a necklace to go with her dress. The view was so perfect through the looking water, one could almost forget the entire left-most half of the planet was in complete ruin from the ship wreck.

In the coming weeks Apnes had created a necklace, bracelet, brooch and ring for her and was no closer to being able to meet her and dazzle her with his gifts. He had eaten less and less as time went by and his garden was falling into serious disrepair. The selfishness trees had almost died entirely and the boredom trees hung lifelessly and bore no fruit. His once green and grey planet was becoming increasingly black and darker grey, but he gave the garden no thought and spared it not a glance.

A month went by and an inspection was scheduled, the S.S Devastation sailed closer and closer to Apnes’ planet planning to land on it to ascertain the reason for its severe disrepair. When the ship arrived Apnes would not spare the planet a mention in his

conversation with the captain, only interested in the girl on the pink planet. But as soon as he had made the acquisition he regretted it, for it was then he learned that though she was a picture of immeasurable perfection, her being Elf kind made it illegal under the Genie Government to think of her romantically.

The news broke him in half, less from surprise because he had known the law before, but more from finally understanding it’s finality. It’s one thing to know the law, it’s another to hear it confirmed by someone that will enforce it. It didn’t matter however, what Elvish Goddess could ever desire an average human male? He finally accepted this as he placed the jewelry he created on the soil ground, and allowed it to take the jewelry, absorbing it as rapidly as it absorbed tears and other forms of liquid. His sadness caused the atmosphere of the planet to dampen, and the trees hung a little lower, and the planet fell a little on its axis as if in response to its masters despair.

Days passed and Apnes lost all consciousness and drifted into a deep sleep achieved only by those neither wanting to be dead nor alive. In response he was recovered from his dead planet by the S.S Inevitability by the Genie personally, who was down on the poles on this particular day and decided it was in his best interest to seem involved in the welfare of his citizens. Workers residing on the S.S Inevitability wheeled Apnes onto the ship and pulled away from the planet carefully, not wishing to upset Apnes’ delicate mental state.

Hours passed before Apnes was able to open his eyes, and when he finally did he immediately wished he hadn’t. Instantly he could feel the distance that had grown between his Elvish obsession and himself, a feeling that can only be compared to the way a planet feels as it’s losing orbit and falling away from a star. As the distance grows between them and the ice forms on its increasingly freezing landscapes, its core sinks and its lava stops flowing.

Apnes stared at the white ceiling and contemplated the possibility of drifting into a sleep so deep that one is unable to wake from it, and feeling becomes irrelevant. However as his mind wandered, he train of thought was derailed as the Genie approached and greeted him loudly and obnoxiously.

The Genie sat on the end of his bed and talked, most of his chatter didn’t mean anything to Apnes so he allowed the words to pass over his head without thought or consideration.

However it was the mention of rebuilding his planet that caught Apnes’ train of thought and held it for ransom.

The Genie discussed many possibilities for planetary rebuilding, however it was another proposition that caused Apnes to shoot up from his slouched position and pay keener attention than he had ever payed to that date.

When the pink planet was run into by the S.S Chance, her obesity tree was destroyed and she has been living entirely on regular deliveries from other ships. An obesity tree needed to be planted on her planet as soon as possible, however such a tree cannot be planted without first having been born out of a donated soul. This soul would inhabit the tree and live through it providing whatever the owner of the planet anything their heart desired. The donor would have to sacrifice all except the ability to give limitlessly to the object of the trees affection.

Apnes’ eyes lit up, this was it.


Foelle lived happily on her pink planet, content to water her trees and create dresses. Her days were spent happily sewing and creating wearable masterpieces, then walking around her trees and watching the fabrics flow in the ever-blowing breeze. Lately however the thread had been running low, as the ships bearing provisions only carried food and other essentials. The new obesity tree couldn’t have come a moment too soon, and as soon as it was planted it provided a new supply of the greatest thread she’d ever seen. Everyday it served her she stroked its long leaves, and everyday she could swear she felt it shiver under her delicate touch. It seemed happy, even loving. She could never feel lonely while around her obesity tree, but of course when around trees, one is never truly alone.

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Fiction Blast! Part 1

Lets jazz things up with a story thats fictional, a fantasy short story that I’ve broken up into 2 parts.
The breaking up of this story is for your benefit so that your not reading one looong blog post for any longer than I myself would like to ha.

This is something I wrote about a year ago, however opened quite recently and have changed it. I’m not sure how it is, so I’m relying on you guys to let me know! Hope you like it.

Little Universe Pt 1. By me


During the course of most of our lives, many of us have made the wish that given the snap of our fingers we could possess anything our heart desired. This is generally coupled with a second wish, that we could possess the space needed to enjoy the pleasures that made up our hearts desire. If you are an exception from this case; you are likely a part of the vast minority of the population that populated Earth 2 that did not vote for the Genie government. It was this party that decided that all people would be moved to the Tiny galaxy, in which every man woman and child may possess a planet of his or her own to live out the rest of their lives in happiness. Yes, I’m sorry to report that if you are a living consciousness and you didn’t vote for the Genie Government, then your vote for the Alyxes Government has failed. Alternatively if you are not a breathing consciousness than you may simply be the thought of doubt that circled the head of Apnes, who lived on the tiny planet of Ummm and was living out his twenty first year in luxury and loneliness.

In his tenth year Apnes had selected a forestry planet in the Eastern sector of Tiny, enjoying gardening and a fondness for childhood stories of Earth nature. It is customary for children to select their planet of choice at this age, and to name it, then to be placed there to live out the remainder of their lives in happiness.

Apnes had been alone for long enough that he wasn’t unfriendly with loneliness, and therefore never saw it as a real problem. However when surrounded by trees and general vegetation, one is never truly alone, so perhaps he was never lonely at all. Having chosen a planet that was outside the range of the broadcasted education network, Apnes had never taken any part in formal education. Because of this he never knew exactly how big his planet was, however he knew for sure that if he walked around his planet twice, a drop of sweat would reach his eyebrow. So to describe the diameter of the planet exactly, the circumference of the planet was about half a sweat drop.

Anything Apnes’ heart desired he would receive inside of a bubble spurted outside the top of the obesity tree. He simply had to think about whatever his heart desired at that moment, and out of the obesity tree, contained within a bubble would emerge whatever object he had desired. This was how the Genie government was run, and it was a time of great contentment.

Apnes sat on the edge of his treehouse roof and stared off into space. Doubt circled his head as it had done for many nights previously, he wondered what was out there, who lived on the shining planets that surrounded his, and what fertilizer they used to stop the laughter tree’s from dying. There were three trees that wouldn’t grow in his beautiful planetary garden; laughter trees, pear trees, and luxury omnipresent virlurularoostular eppifor trees. Every fertaliser imaginable was attainable from the obesity tree, but nothing that would make these trees grow. The obesity trees could make whatever the heart desired, however though he desired for the trees to grow, he couldn’t pinpoint the correct fertaliser and desire its existence.

Gardening and walking filled Apnes’ time, followed by nights spent sitting on the roof of his treehouse home, looking out into the stars and wondering.

This particular night he was looking out to the star nearest to his, a bright pink star that shone brighter than the blue, green and yellow ones surrounding it. He very much wanted to see what was on that star, but no matter how much he wondered, he couldn’t will his eyes to see further.

The following days played out as his days normally did, dull and full of the routine of one that can grow boredom and malcontent trees so high it is difficult to obtain the fruit from the very top, but is unable to grow even one pear tree. Days crawled into weeks, and then months, and by the time he was most of the way through his twenty second year he had grown so use to eating from the trees that he had grown, the obesity tree was beginning to wilt, because it had been so long since it had blown a single bubble and refreshed itself.

Then one day something finally happened.

The S.S Chance, while making its routine voyage among the stars checking on the planets and making sure order was being kept and nothing was wrong, it was hit by a rouge meteorite and sent hurtling into the pink planet near that of Apnes. Apnes woke with a start to the noise of the ship grinding into the planet, metal was screaming as it bend and shattered against the side of the planet, and was sent hurtling into deep space never to be seen from again. Apnes heart beat wildly as he stared at the planet thinking desperate thoughts that for the first time didn’t include himself, but for the wellbeing of whoever occupied the planet so near to his own.

At that moment the obesity tree began to blow, and soon a bubble containing a bazar object fell to Apnes’ feet. It was a tube of some kind, it felt hard and contained an equally hard object inside that could be stared through like water. Apnes stared into it, and through it everything seemed much smaller and further away. He decided this might be useful for gardening, but not in the slightest for helping whoever lived on the planet that had been hit. It was only by chance that he looked through the other side while lifting it to throw it away.

Through the other side things were much, much bigger than seen with the natural eye, and using this item’s second and newly discovered ability, Agnes peered through the devise at the pink planet to see what information he could ascertain.

The planet seemed to be covered in a kind of pink grass, trees dotted the landscape but not nearly as many as the trees that covered his. However though the trees were not as many, they were many different colours and were suddenly in Apnes opinion far more interesting than the many plain coloured trees that filled his own planet. Apnes wished desperately he could see the trees closer to hopefully discover what they were, he had heard about the existence of sanity trees, virtue trees, and even that of hope trees from the driver of the S.S Destiny that had visited his planet years ago while on a delivery of fate to another planet in the Eastern Sector.

The taking of ones breath is often used as an expression to detail the action of inhaling breath because something is breath-taking to the owner of the breath. It is not really thievery of anything physical and therefore not punishable under the laws of the Genie government, but is often thievery none the less. Thievery of thought, of desire and consequently time as you spend hours doing nothing more than thinking about the object of desire that took your breath to begin with.

After viewing the trees and the grass Agnes gaze turned to see a female of a species similar to his own, and in an instant she stole his breath from right under his nose. Along with his breath she, in one swoop stole hours of his future thought and his happiness as nights were spent sleepless and wracked with misery. He was alone, and she was alone, but this was not so much an impossible burden as a problem that needed solving…

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Ninja Turtles & Original Fiction

Holy cow I just finished watching the Ninja Turtles theatrical trailer and let me tell you, even worse than I expected.

Who even is the director? Because all it told me is that it is produced by the Transformers guy, and stars sex object Megan Fox as April. As someone who enjoyed the episodes a long time ago, I’m gonna go ahead and skip this version and save the headache of fuming about it later.

Sooooo today was a rough day for me, it was just one of those days where everything works out for the worst. I have been waiting to book a Disney cruise for me and my friend to take right before I restart working on the Disney Wonder once again, but it’s full. You can’t book a discounted cast member cruise until very soon before you want to depart, so the chances of it being full are quite high, but I still thought it wouldn’t be. So now I’m sulking.

Also the shares I wanted to sell to pay of the credit card I used to buy my vacation to China with have fallen into negative value. This means if I were to sell them after keeping them dedicatedly for almost a year, I would make a loss. I use to believe so strongly in shares (when they worked for me), and now I’m bored of them being stupid and I want them gone.

Right now its the Melbourne International Comedy Festival here in good ol’ Melbourne so I’m gonna go tomorrow and splurge on a pick-me-up. Because as you know nothing relieves the worry of paying off a credit card like putting some more charges right on top.

I’ve decided to become more productive with my vacation! I’m sure if your reading my blog avidly, you can’t wait for my vacation to be over and the interesting stuff to start. Well I’m not done with it yet, but I do wanna achieve something.
Anyway so in this light I have begun a short story, and here I’m going to write an excerpt of the story. I’d like to know if you like it and more importantly, do you care to know what happens next? Let me know 😉

Excerpt from un-named story. —

“John was falling through a chasm in a dream. Suspended in the air, John had no evidence that he was falling, it was entirely dark and nothing physical indicated anything other than he was surrounded by darkness and it was rather cold. However he knew he was falling in the same way that one knows that he is being watched or that he has left the stove on.
But finally physically evidence presented itself when, almost painlessly, John hit a road.

For a couple seconds John couldn’t move, he simply lay on the ground feeling the pain tear through his body like poison. The first thing he noticed was that the ground he had landed on felt very similar to cement, the second thing he noticed was that his ear was beginning to experience a strange mixture of pain and sogginess as it filled up with water. Johns instant reaction to the later revelation was to turn his body to the right so that he faced the sky, and it was about then that he ascertained his third and final revelation, it was raining, hard.

John was indeed right about every revelation he experienced mere seconds after arriving, he was lying on a strip of cement next to a road, and it was bucketing down with rain. As soon as he was able John slowly found his feet and looked around to survey his surroundings. His surroundings were bleak, beyond the strip of cement and the road it sat beside, the only other object that he could see beside the black of night was a building, on the other side of the road. It was a strangely shaped building, it looked like a tall rectangle standing up against a smaller rectangle, but from where he was standing simply looked like a black, odd building. But the strange dimensions of the black building suddenly paled in significance when he realized the shape jutting out from the top of the taller rectangle.

The shape was that of a man, a very tall man. As it was so dark John could only see a black shape, however what struck fear right into the pit of Johns stomach was not the shape of the man, but the shape of the wings protruding from the sides of the mans body. The wings were huge, and he imagined in a different setting with more light, less rain and maybe tea and biscuits this winged man may not seem such a threat, but under the conditions he was in fact in, Johns heart almost stopped in fear and he forgot entirely that he was only dreaming.

There were a lot of things that could have made this situation worse, John could have begun to get a runny nose from all the rain and begin sneezing, he could have slipped in a puddle and given his elbow a nasty graze, he may even have walked into a tree from all the unpleasant darkness and given himself a black eye. But out of all the awful things that could have happened none of them did, something so awful did happen that it would have made a sniffly nose, sore elbow and pussy eye seem like a lovely swim in a pool filled filled with coleslaw that had escaped from its bowl. The winged man jumped from the building and began to fly in Johns direction.”

Thankyou for your generous attention, and I hope to see ya real soon.