Stop Going to Bali

Peoples unoriginality with the way they travel is getting me mad.
If you are someone that would be offended if you read a blog post about how vacationing to Bali is ruining it, please avert your eyes. Find instead a post about the realities of another world perhaps.
Heres a link to get you started –

Originally when I started this blog I planned on saying stuff I wouldn’t say otherwise, and though I’ve said some controversial things that I wouldn’t normally say, telling people to quit freaking going to Bali is never advisable.
This is because people are crazy for Bali, and are either unaware or uncaring of how their irresponsible was are causing damage. This applies particularly to Australians who they can’t get enough of this place that has so many qualities of our own country. Australians defend their Bali vacations furiously, they love the sun, the surf, and particularly how cheap it is.
Australians never stop to realise that they may be a problem, so laid back are we that this thought may never come to mind.

Traffic is gridlocked with tourist traffic, big foreign business is driving out the locals, and the worst damage is to the local environment.
The local forestry has been ravaged with resort development and things like billboards, and beaches are no less impacted by heavy development right up to the edge of the sand.
Its a small segment of a small country and like a young celebrity has blown up way bigger than it should have, and subsequently foreigners have moved in and taken over. Rather than allow locals to capitalise, foreign big business has sucked up market share.

Im mostly baffled as to why these vacationers are so narrow minded. Millions of Australians go to Bali, so much so that flying people there and back is the backbone of Jetstars business. These vacationers are uninterested in the rest of Indonesia, some that I’ve talked to so stupid as to believe that Bali is a country of it own.
Travel is about discovery, and when you read statistics saying that the majority of Bali visiters are repeat visitors then you realise that discovery plays a small role in these vacationers decision to travel.
If these people aren’t traveling to discover, then what are they traveling for?
When you push a Bali fan long enough you come to learn that money is the main factor, and how much they save by not traveling with any originality. To which I want to slap them.
There are so many discount places in the world to visit, so many that offer amazing experiences and a chance to discover without hurting the locals and saving a fortune with the currency exchange rate.
Less frequented countries need the tourism and benefit strongly from a steady stream of visitors, and swapping dollars for their local currency helps them out and can massively save the health of your wallet.
I urge you to travel responsibly and with originality! Research and find somewhere beautiful, somewhere so stunning you cant keep away.
Find somewhere where your dollars are gonna buy you tons of local currency, and check how far that currency will stretch with food, hotels and transport. What does it all cost with comparison to where your from?
And lastly find somewhere that wants you, and stay at a locally owned hotel and pour your money into the local economy.

Believe it or not staying at the Hilton or the Crown Plaza in Bali is not helping Indonesia at all. These businesses pay locals next to nothing to run their resorts and keep massive amounts of profit.
These locals could be running their own businesses and stimulating the local economy, and some would otherwise be if they had the chance.
I know this problem is not exclusive to Bali, but as a citizen of the country causing this place the vast majority of its issues, this problem frustrates me.
I hope the frequent Bali visitor reading doesn’t feel to guilty reading, and I hope the self righteous reading don’t feel like their attempts to shop and stay locally in Bali helped all that much. Any foreign money into Bali at this point it fueling the fire of companies buying rice land off the farmers, limiting farmer land expansion, and the destruction of the coral reefs to build roads to service growing foreign business.
I think the famous isle needs a cleanse, and we need to let the Balinese heal. If you agree that you will chose somewhere else to vacation then let me know, I’d love to hear your opinion.
If we show a declining interest in our desire to vacation to and and play a part in ruining Bali, then maybe the Balinese can begin to pick up the pieces and corporations will move the hell out of their way.
If you don’t agree then that’s fine, not everyone will agree with everything. I’ll have a softer post out soon once I’ve hit Miami. 🙂
Hit subscribe if you’d like to see more, and let me know if you’ve got something to say. Talk again soon, until then, vacation responsibly.


Custom’s are Killin’ the Fun!

Work argh.
Even when you love your job, work is still work.
My brain is still fried at the end of a shift, I’m still doggedly tired at night and I still have no time to do nothing.
But the job is good, and the best thing about it is returning home to my amazing friends, who genuinely missed me! 
The ship took off from Miami yesterday and we’ve sailed to Key West in Florida. Key West is amazing, its like a little shop town where everyone lives to buy everything for $5. 
There’s tons of small shops selling heavily discounted stuff, although it’s useless stuff for the most part. However if your keen on wearing locally branded shirts and hats, then this place will suit you well. 
Now shops are all good and well, but my favourite part about Key West is the food. 
Whenever I get a few hours off while I’m here I go straight to BurgerFi and get a brisket burger. It’s freaking awesome. They also sell a huge variety of soda’s including vanilla coke! Which seems to only exist in Australia because I can’t find it anywhere else. 
Anyway, once I’m done with BurgerFi I head to Matthersons around the corner and either eat a home made ice-cream sunday, or a quarter pound cookie covered in ice-cream. American goodness. 
I speak vaguely about my time spent in Key West because I wasn’t able to get off today, so I’m recalling my favourite past times. I had the time today, but as I just boarded a U.S vessel yesterday, immigration doesn’t want me to get off the ship for a week. 
If theres something I’ll never understand in this world, it’s the thought process behind the United States Customs and Immigration Border Protection Department. Damn thats long. 
Seriously there would be so fewer hiccups along the road if I didn’t have to worry about the little things immigration does. Every now and then I won’t be able to get off the ship onto a U.S port, doesn’t happen often, but it happens randomly and no reason is given. It’s not just me though, all non U.S citizens have to stay on board on these days. 
But as I’m staying more positive these days, at least I’m living in America and can therefore have these problems to begin with. I could be back in Australia, and would probably be a lot less fulfilled in my career and travel ambition. 
But while I’m at least able to look out into Key West, and am in-fact sitting within spitting distance, I will think about the things I would do. 
Things such as exploring the town! Last time I set a personal best and wondered for an hour right into the heart of town, and it was amazing. Sure it’s just a normal American town, but I’m amazed just to be in a normal American town! The architecture is different, the people are different, it feels like being in a movie. I don’t think everyday Americans can ever know the feeling, until of course they themselves travel to a foreign country and feel the same thing. 
While walking I stumbled upon Ernest Hemingway house, where the great author lived after he got married. And found the only Apple retailer in town, rather a lot of success for one day.
Anyway it’s back to work I go, I’m gonna grab a bite and head back up. Have a great one ya’ll and subscribe for more 😉 See ya

Orlando and Disney’s Adopted Child

Hey guys!

I dunno who follows along closely along to notice, but I took a detour from my daily posting the second I touched down at Disney World and I’m sorry about it.
It’s not because Disney World is better than you guys, it’s just because this place has a way of whirling days into nothing and suddenly you blink and it’s been three days and you’ve posted nothing.
But here I am, I’ve realised the trend and before I sleep off another day of magic and lots of walking I’m gonna write to you.

My first day back on the 27th I restrained from the Magic Kingdom until later in the afternoon, and drove with my friend up to Cocoa Beach and saw some of Orlando. I’ve never driven that far before, but my suspicions were right on the money.
No matter how far North you go, Orlando is not a lot more than disconnected outlet malls and random shops spread out over great distances. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, is it not the town that town planning forgot? But I love it and it holds a lot of memories for me.

Theres the McDonald’s where I first hung out with what became my best friend, and a different McDonald’s where I hung out with my funniest friend.
Theres the outlet mall that my housemate called me at and pretended he was a stalker, I kept him on the phone for 2 hours while I (Im not kidding) walked to the police station and tried to have them trace the call.
They simply made me fill out a form. Thats it.

We drove past the bus I use to take to the Magic Kingdom when I had been scheduled to do a parade, I could see inside to the seat I’d sit in and freak out with excitement and nerves.
Theres lots of places in Orlando that make me really nostalgic of my first experience living in America, an emotionally driven time but one of the best times of my whole life. I feel very lucky in these times, deeply sad for things lost, and really worried for people that won’t travel and have a similar experience.

There is nothing in the world that feels like leaving home and moving to the other side of the world, it forces you to grow up and changes a lot of things about you. There were so many hard times, but there was so much good; enough now to pine over small things like street signs and lamp posts. Literally I’m acting like my dad when he’d drive us to houses he grew up in, I remember thinking “Dad, it was like years ago, why don’t you forget it?”
But I understand it a little more now.

Anyway, I’m not at all a sentimental person anywhere else in the world, besides Orlando. I can go to lots of places and have nothing but a few warm and fuzzy feelings.

So yesterday I hit Magic Kingdom, it’s grown at lot since I last saw it, but I still know it well enough to power walk to everything I like and cover the park in 7 hours. Wanna hear pathetic? I was still able to whisper “bang” overtop of every firework bang in ‘Wishes’ because I’ve seen it that many times.
Today was Hollywood Studio’s and my friend and I dubbed over the villain part of Fantasmic like a couple of losers.
Other loser things from today,

  • I walked down the ‘Streets of America’ singing ‘Goof Troop’ in my best Portuguese
  • Cheered the mean judge in the ‘American Idol Experience’ then used my accent to escape people being mad at me
  • Figured out all that all the take-away places have to give you free water if you ask for it, so stayed hydrated at Disney for free! (Some say it’s impossible to stay alive for less than a hundred bucks).
  • And tried to offend people by saying things in queues like “I heard Walt Disney didn’t think of any of his supposed ideas.’ Or ‘I think Walt should of stuck with Bugs Bunny as a title character.’ (You would think this offensive to people — you wouldn’t think…)

The best thing about today was seeing old friends, both human and character. Running into old friends like Wreck it Ralph and Frozone made me emotional, plus running into human friends was good too haha.

I can’t believe how many are still here! I hope they know how lucky they are, literally there are millions of lucky Americans out there who could go and work at Disney World any time they wanted.
Although as I work for Disney Cruise Line, and I’m gonna get evil looks if I complain.

Well thats my trip down emotional lane for today, I promise another one won’t come up for a while.
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So have a good one! Please comment or message for questions or conversation 😉 See ya.

Speaking Australian in America

Well this is it Australia! It was fun 🙂
I’m waiting my gate for my domestic flight to Sydney before I fly to Dallas.

I’ve checked-in the case I usually take as carry on, half because I’ve made it really heavy this time having crammed it to bursting with DVD seasons of my favorite shows. And half because Disney has paid Qantas to check up to 4 bags before I have to pay, so why not?

I can tell you what I’m not going to miss, our accent. I will forever be confused as to why Americans get such a kick out of our accents. I think our accents make us sound less sophisticated and more whiney.
I like the English accent, I’d happy swap for one of those. Although a lot of Americans guess that my accent is English, which is an assumption I’m ok with.
Despite being ok with this assumption, I don’t understand it. In my opinion, there’s an enormous cavern between the English accent and the Australian. I feel like anyone should be able to distinguish the difference with no problem at all, however my English friends are finding the same issue. They are forever getting assumptions that they’re Australian, and I that I’m English. (They are less ok than I am at the mistake).

Though to be honest, I’m always mixing up the American and the Canadian accents, (but seriously is there a difference at all?)
Even Canadians have to admit, proximity has meant that some Canadians sound the same as Americans. I mean Australia couldn’t be further from England, despite the amount of people I’ve had to correct who thought Australia was in Europe.
This was a genuine conversation I had about 2 years ago at Disney World with a lady.
“Oh your from Australia! Oh, I loved your country in the Sound of Music, it is so beautiful.”
“Ummmm your thinking Austria.”
“Yes well Austria, Australia, same thing really.”
“Aaaaaaaaaah no. Do you seriously think Australia borders Germany??”

I also love answering the question “what’s your first language? You know, your native one.” From there I start making crap up.
It’s French. “Bunjooooooooooor”

I’d like to officially remind the world that we are not in Europe. However id also like to reaffirm the world that it’s ok, Australia isn’t making a large global impact on any scale, and therefore isn’t talked about enough to warrant research or study. So while that’s the case, assume away.
Yes I ride to work in a kangaroos pouch, I have a pet koala, I along with all of our kids was trained to tackle crocodiles, I would have been a father…

… But a dingo ate my baby.

That last one’s my favorite.

Ok time to go, enjoy your day and think far away thoughts. I won’t post again until I’m in Orlando, but as that’s tomorrow I think you’ll be ok haha.
Please subscribe for more traveling craziness and I’ll see ya’ll later. (When in Rome right?” Yaaaaaaaaaaaaa’lllll

Back into Space – Part 1

Hey guys!
btw incase you were wondering about todays ‘Munchy Mondays Restaurant Review’ that was suppose to be coming out, I’m moving it to tomorrow. Yes I’m keeping the name, even though it’s Tuesday so you’ll have to come to terms with that.

The reason is that I’m in Melbourne today and I’ve already done a review in Melbourne, so I’m gonna go to a restaurant in Queensland tomorrow and review that one instead.

Today I explored Melbourne and not much happened that was super exciting, so I decided to write a little fiction. This story is my sequel to the previous story I wrote, if you wanna read that first please scroll back to ‘Fiction Blast 1’. However this story is not a direct sequel so reading the first one isn’t mandatory.

Remember this Friday I’m beginning a short story series that which will be in weekly editions released each Friday, so this fiction sampler should tell you whether or not you will want to be involved. 😉 I sure hope you do.

Little Planet – Part 1:

“It’s a funny thing, that we exist and are in fact defined by the things that cause us both our greatest joys and our greatest sorrows. 

Those of us who have not yet had positive encounters with experiences such as love, fear, purpose or pears; would know that these such things can cause us to become creatures that don’t necessarily reflect our true selves. Creatures that cry, scream, throw precious objects around and curse the people we once held dear. 

Disasters such as love and the others can seem counter-productive to what may have been a carefree and pleasant life, had it not been for their uninvited and unwanted input. Love is often on ones doorstep without so much as a phone call, and rather than tell it to run along and bother someone else as we ought to, we weaken to its charm and allow it to change our lives radically, often for the worse. 

Fael and Alyssi shared a planet called Bole located in the Northern sector of the Tiny Galaxy.

This galaxy was a piece of space containing the entire human race after it moved from Earth 2 under the leadership of the Genie Government. 

The common practice for the citizens of the Tiny Galaxy was to allow each human a planet of his or her own from ten years of age, however two years after moving onto their respective planets, the planets belonging to Fael and Alyssi fell into the same orbit around a fate star. 

During their twelfth year, the planets collided with the star creating one larger planet inhabited by two people and heated from within by the giant, living star. 

Though it was unusual for two people to be living on the same planet, Fael and Alyssi got along very well. It was not recommended to have two people living on the same planet, because as they were both human, they were both prone to extreme levels of selfishness. Studies have shown that only when a human is living on his or her own planet, being looked after by their own individual obesity tree can one be truly happy. However as two obesity tree’s cannot exist on the same planet because of their extensive root system, one of them shriveled up days after the planets collided and they both shared the same tree.

Fael enjoyed life on Bole, he got along with Alyssi and generally didn’t possess any worries at all. The planet was dotted with a few trees and quite a few mountains, and he enjoyed digging as a hobby to pass the time.

He would often find shiny stones that were created by the heat of the living fate star at the core of the planet. Alyssi was nice, and didn’t get annoying. She wasn’t very tall, had rather long blonde hair and a fair complexion.

Sometimes they would eat dinner together at the top of one of the taller mountains and look for shooting stars in the distance of space, life was relaxed and he enjoyed things this way.

Alyssi found life on Bole a mixed bag. She enjoyed life, living in a glorious tree house she built herself without the aid of the obesity tree. She enjoyed building a lot and spent her time walking the mountains, looking for trees and mud to build things with.

She very much enjoyed making objects that made Fael’s life easier and made his digging more efficient. She was often thinking of ways to create a sharper shovel, or innovate systems of keeping dirts from sliding back into dug holes. 

She loved the look on his face when she would present him with something helpful she had innovated, and lived for the look in his eye that seemed to tell her that she was useful. Fael’s eyes sparkled and danced as he chatted endlessly about his days findings during one of their dinner dates on the top of the mountain. 

The reason life was a mixed bag, was even though everything was perfect, it was also not perfect. He did not see that she wanted him to share more than simply a tree and a planet with him. 

The longer he seemed to not understand what she wanted, the less perfect life became. 

Then one day life changed. The day was normal, indistinguishable from any other and yet the perfect day for something amazing to suddenly appear onto life’s doorstep with no warning or phone call.

Fael was digging, as was customary during the fourteenth hour of any given day when he noticed Alyssi approaching from over the northern hill. 

As it was not unusual to see her walking in his direction, he simply remained gazing at her and not looking where he was digging. 

As a result of his inattention he was surprised when his shovel hit something hard and bounced out of his hand. 

One of the many trees that dotted the landscape of Bole had fallen years ago, and been covered by the dust of years gone by. During this time it had been near the heat of the fate star, and over time developed life. The strike from the shovel was all it needed to start its

 suddenly beating wooden heart and it promptly sat up and gave Alyssi a smile that could melt leaves.

Fael decided right away he did not like the wooden man. Almost immediately the thing crawled out of the hole and went and spoke with Alyssi about something beyond Fael’s earshot.

He didn’t mind at first, but then over the following days the thing kept on forcing Alyssi to spend time with it. The thing was obviously lonely, but it was unfair to make that Alyssi’s problem on a daily basis. 

Fael made plans everyday to make the creature leave Alyssi alone, but everyday he told himself that she was a grown lady, and that he should mind his own business. 

Alyssi loved the wooden man straight away, and from the moment he walked up to her and introduced himself as Geren she almost forgot that Fael even existed. 

Geren and Alyssi spent almost all of their time together, every moment that Geren could spare he would spend with her. 

Whole days were spent simply strolling away the time around the planet, talking about whatever came into their minds to talk about. 

Alyssi would walk along and fiddle with an innovation in her hands, and Geren would dance ahead of her, acting silly and trying to gain her attention and make her laugh. He was everything Alyssi had always wished Fael would be. 

Time spent with him seemed to drift away and she found that she couldn’t think of a time where she was happier.” —

Tomorrow morning I’ll add part 2, and tomorrow night (depending on where you are of course haha) I will add the review of the restaurant I choose in Queensland.

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Gig Discrimination

How does one discriminate between shows and gigs of all kind and decide what is something they’d do, and what’s above or beneith them?
I find that performers have a glorious lack of self awareness that allows them to be wonderful at striding into auditions, performing boldly, and writing down times that are good for them.

So with this glorious ignorance and feeling of self importance that come with being a salesman for your truly only product (yourself); how do you truly evaluate yourself accurately and decide what you are worth.

I think this is the reason we fall apart so badly at each rejection email, we never stopped to realise that maybe were not all that amazing! BUT the reverse is true too!

If we truly understood our worth, and landed an easy gig, would we celebrate as hard core as we do?

Maybe were better than we think? Or worse? I’m not sure I’ve ever met a truly creative person with a 100% accurate understanding of their own self worth, but I guess that keeps things interesting?

Sorry for the short post, but this is all my stupid phone can manage. Sitting in my car waiting in half a costume before a gig. Am I worth this gig? Beats me!!

Talk soon 😉

Good news or bad news?

So the reviews for my book have been coming in pretty mixed, like weirdly so. Theres no reviews for 3 and 4 stars at all, they’re just amazing or terrible.

But the terrible ones are attacking two main things, the formatting errors that were my fault and I’ve learned better ways to upload and convert files etc, and my imminent doom when Disney is going to release the dogs onto me.

I just read one review for my book that doesn’t say much more than “Disney’s legal team is gonna call” which seems to be the trend of some of the less positive reviews.

This blows me away for one real reason, how big and important do you think I am? I’m just a little person self publishing a little book that a couple of people are reading. I mean I worked for the company for a year and no-one at Corporate Disney will even know I exist. Am I suddenly so famous?

The information I give in the book reveals nothing secret, you get better secrets from those “behind the scenes” videos Disney Parks puts on its youtube channel.

I’m beginning to think these negative reviews are almost bringing in the sales, people want nothing more than to know whats going on behind the scenes at Disney and while I’m denying that I reveal anything truly secret, these reviews are telling the masses that I’m holding onto some ground breaking secrets! In-fact they are so secret that Disney is going to spend resources on me and release the hitmen just to shut me up, hell I should be so lucky.

If the book’s that good then I’ve got a best seller on my hands, better grab it before Mickey beats the crap out of me.

All I really wanted to do was offer encouragement to people who are in the position I was once in, but I’m not writing this post to defend myself.

But how do you feel? You get to read the blog of the most dangerous man alive! It seems a multi billion dollar company has entrusted me with secrets I’m now spilling.

Oh well, I’ll just keep tearing down companies you know how I roll. Money ‘aint a thing.

Speaking of money and companies I have fallen in love with Shark Tank, if I’m not working I’m getting my fill of Shark Tank it’s the best show ever. Love it.

The sharks are investors who invest in the businesses of people that come in front of them and ask for an investment in return for a percentage of their company. One lady sold a percentage to one “shark” who turned her towel poncho company into a supplier of towel ponchos for Disney water parks. Seeing the video of her in Disney’s parks with her towel poncho things with Mickeys face and autograph on them, inspirational.

I love Shark Tank, I love business, and apparently bringing them down