Stop Going to Bali

Peoples unoriginality with the way they travel is getting me mad.
If you are someone that would be offended if you read a blog post about how vacationing to Bali is ruining it, please avert your eyes. Find instead a post about the realities of another world perhaps.
Heres a link to get you started –

Originally when I started this blog I planned on saying stuff I wouldn’t say otherwise, and though I’ve said some controversial things that I wouldn’t normally say, telling people to quit freaking going to Bali is never advisable.
This is because people are crazy for Bali, and are either unaware or uncaring of how their irresponsible was are causing damage. This applies particularly to Australians who they can’t get enough of this place that has so many qualities of our own country. Australians defend their Bali vacations furiously, they love the sun, the surf, and particularly how cheap it is.
Australians never stop to realise that they may be a problem, so laid back are we that this thought may never come to mind.

Traffic is gridlocked with tourist traffic, big foreign business is driving out the locals, and the worst damage is to the local environment.
The local forestry has been ravaged with resort development and things like billboards, and beaches are no less impacted by heavy development right up to the edge of the sand.
Its a small segment of a small country and like a young celebrity has blown up way bigger than it should have, and subsequently foreigners have moved in and taken over. Rather than allow locals to capitalise, foreign big business has sucked up market share.

Im mostly baffled as to why these vacationers are so narrow minded. Millions of Australians go to Bali, so much so that flying people there and back is the backbone of Jetstars business. These vacationers are uninterested in the rest of Indonesia, some that I’ve talked to so stupid as to believe that Bali is a country of it own.
Travel is about discovery, and when you read statistics saying that the majority of Bali visiters are repeat visitors then you realise that discovery plays a small role in these vacationers decision to travel.
If these people aren’t traveling to discover, then what are they traveling for?
When you push a Bali fan long enough you come to learn that money is the main factor, and how much they save by not traveling with any originality. To which I want to slap them.
There are so many discount places in the world to visit, so many that offer amazing experiences and a chance to discover without hurting the locals and saving a fortune with the currency exchange rate.
Less frequented countries need the tourism and benefit strongly from a steady stream of visitors, and swapping dollars for their local currency helps them out and can massively save the health of your wallet.
I urge you to travel responsibly and with originality! Research and find somewhere beautiful, somewhere so stunning you cant keep away.
Find somewhere where your dollars are gonna buy you tons of local currency, and check how far that currency will stretch with food, hotels and transport. What does it all cost with comparison to where your from?
And lastly find somewhere that wants you, and stay at a locally owned hotel and pour your money into the local economy.

Believe it or not staying at the Hilton or the Crown Plaza in Bali is not helping Indonesia at all. These businesses pay locals next to nothing to run their resorts and keep massive amounts of profit.
These locals could be running their own businesses and stimulating the local economy, and some would otherwise be if they had the chance.
I know this problem is not exclusive to Bali, but as a citizen of the country causing this place the vast majority of its issues, this problem frustrates me.
I hope the frequent Bali visitor reading doesn’t feel to guilty reading, and I hope the self righteous reading don’t feel like their attempts to shop and stay locally in Bali helped all that much. Any foreign money into Bali at this point it fueling the fire of companies buying rice land off the farmers, limiting farmer land expansion, and the destruction of the coral reefs to build roads to service growing foreign business.
I think the famous isle needs a cleanse, and we need to let the Balinese heal. If you agree that you will chose somewhere else to vacation then let me know, I’d love to hear your opinion.
If we show a declining interest in our desire to vacation to and and play a part in ruining Bali, then maybe the Balinese can begin to pick up the pieces and corporations will move the hell out of their way.
If you don’t agree then that’s fine, not everyone will agree with everything. I’ll have a softer post out soon once I’ve hit Miami. 🙂
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Say Goodbye to money, and Nihow to China!

Ok I definitely have a plan now.
I know my track record indicates that whenever I have a new ‘definite’ plan it usually lasts only a week or so, but this time I’m sure!
It’s actually similar to an older plan where I wanted to go to China for 2 weeks and take an intensive course in Mandarin. But this one is better!
Once I finish working for Disney and before i return to a more normal life, I’m going to escape to China for 16 weeks and take a full semester of Mandarin in Kunming China. 🙂
I’m gonna study at the Keats School in Kunming which looks bloody fantastic, and offers other courses in areas of study besides Mandarin. I can take Chinese cooking class, Tai Chi and other stuff.
Those of you who were reading closer to the start of this year will know that I’m a bit in love with China and have tried several times to learn Mandarin, I’ve also travelled to China recreationally this year.
I see the country as a perfect escape for me, a place I can go with beautiful music and stunning scenery that makes me feel like I’m drinking in everything that makes me happy every moment.
I know Studio Ghibli films are set in Japan, but when I’m in China I see the stunning beauty that makes me melt when I watch Ghibli films and I realise I’m where I want to be.
So the idea of spending 4 months in a place like this, not working but learning will be amazing.

This kind of ambition however flies in the face of the strong part of me that cares about smart financial choices, careful investments, and utilising time as effectively as I can to increase my net worth and propel myself further towards a stronger future.
How will learning Mandarin and tai chi help me towards my future? Not only will I learn 4 months worth of tuition fees, accommodation, food and recreational costs, but I’ll also lose 4 months worth of time that could have been spent earning an entire 4 month cruise contracts worth of money. So I stand to lose not only the cost of the adventure, but the potential earnings lost with the time.
This is where one has to decide the worth of a life experience, the ‘Eat, Pray Love’ concept if you will.
Someone like me loves to travel, but I travel using a percentage of disposable income that will be supplemented soon after the travel, with money still remaining in the bank during the trip that I can be smarter with. A trip like this would use all my available funds and afterwards would be met with unemployment. Unemployment wouldn’t even be the hardest part, but it would be met with the financial blow of resettling in my country of origin which I have not properly lived in since the end of 2011. I’ll have to pick a city (thinking Sydney?) find a place and the worst part, a job.
It’s all quite morbid but at the end of the day I’ll do it, why? Because I’m in my mid 20’s and I believe anything you lose in your 20’s is a loss that means little and can be gotten back without much trouble.
Think about it, when your in your 50’s you’ve spent years earning what you have in finances, and buying all your stuff. Losing everything would cripple your life possibly irreparably, however lose everything in your early mid 20’s? Omg who the hell cares, move in with your folks again, lye around and cry and about it, then get up, work 60 hours a week and in 2 years you’ll have more than you did before you lost everything.
So do awesome stuff while your young! And if your not young, insure all your things and invest in rock solid investments, then do awesome stuff!
I think the only real disadvantage of risking everything when your older is having trouble getting it back, and by that point I’ll have dependants and maybe pets.
So caution be damned, I wanna go to China!

Let me know what you think 🙂 Got any contrasting opinions,or just some ideas? I’m happy to hear you out. Until next time, have fun and have lunch somewhere you’ve never been!
Xie Xie!

Treating a City as you would a good wine

When I travel to a new city, walk around it and explore it the way that I do, I treat it like a fancy person treats wine.
I’ve particularly noticed it while being in Melbourne again, even though this isn’t a new city for me. Whenever something requires me to stand still for a time, such as awaiting the arrival of a tram, I’ll take in as much as I can while I’m there.
There’s no time for boredom when your traveling and only in a city for a limited time, so even standing in one spot can be made memorable.
I did it a lot in New York while I was there, but was far less aware of what I was doing.
This is what I do.
First I look, and take in everything I can. I search the city for unique architecture, the people, the business’, everything that I’m not gonna see once I’ve left the city.
I loved the colors along the streets of Cartagena, I counted the street vendors through New York, and basked in the LED lighting throughout Shanghai.
Cities are way better once your in them, and the best sights in my opinion are the everyday sights you can’t see anywhere else. Rather than the top of those buildings that allow you to see the whole city, or the monuments that make the city famous, I love the every differences in the regular streets.
The next thing I love to do is take in a big whiff. Often a mistake in the wrong parts of any city, taking in several sniffs is my favorite way of building memories and associations between different places and feelings of happiness.
Smell is a massive tool for our memory, and I love nothing more than to smell something familiar and have it remind me of a happy moment in a strange city.
We remember smells in places without conscious effort anyway, but I like to intentionally help the process to ensure that if I return to a city, I want to be able to smell it and remember the bond I’d already made with the area.
The more I travel to these spectacular places, the more worried I am to lose it. At some point I’ve got to stop and settle somewhere, but it’s got to be somewhere so spectacular that I could live with the thought of just staying put.
Anywhere I am currently, I don’t have to worry about not liking it because sooner or later I’m going to leave.
This is no way to live forever, traditional life moves at a glacial pace this way.
Relationships do happen for people who live like I do, but stuff like marriage and children takes a lot longer, is a lot rarer, and is a lot harder to manage.
But I don’t prioritize anything above career and travel, and giving up a life that marries the two may leave me more miserable than satisfied. It’s tough though because this can’t last forever, so I’ve got to work out a plan sooner or later, I’m not someone that can live without a plan.
Those of you who read my last post will know I’m beginning to prepare my body to transform back into a performers body, so I’ve been eating better and tomorrow I’ll start a cleanse.
I need to wash my vacation out of my body which has been filled with fatty foods and zero exercise.
This contract is going to be a hot one as I’ll be finding myself mostly in the Caribbean, Bahamas and Central America. I’ve always been at the opinion that Mexico is a stargate to Tatooine, it feels like a whole different sun. Or two suns.
As someone who hates to sweat and very much enjoyed our time in Alaska over the summer, this is going to have its challenges.
However I’m excited to have new experiences and am determined to visit new things such as the Mayan ruins.
Well guys it’s been a pleasure, I found a few of your comments today I had somehow missed and have now replied to on previous posts so if you asked a question I may have finally replied haha. I will be sure to keep my eyes more open from this point on 😉
Have a great one! Travel safe 🙂

When it’s time to stand up, and dust off the Passport

Well it’s been a long and eventful vacation, but it’s just about time I transformed back into me, ready to begin performing once again.
This vacation has been full of high moments and good times, if you’ve been following along you’ll remember we started off in Toronto with our adventure at the Hilton. Following that was New York, then a short visit to Los Angeles.
After that we visited my home town Noosa, during which time my brain almost stopped. After that we traveled to Melbourne and have been here for 2 weeks.
In a few days we travel back to Noosa for a couple days, after which I’ll catch a ride to Brisbane International Airport BNE and catch my first flight taking me back to the United States..
Sorry if my writing is a little unusual this post, it’s very late where I am in Australia and I’ve been up all night gaming with my good friend, a luxury I’m never afforded while away from Australia. I’m gonna miss doing stuff like this!
If you can imagine a couple of dudes in their early 20’s sitting around computers with headphones on, surrounded with junk food packets then you minds eye may have found me.
I’m the guy carving chunks of cheese with some very sturdy crackers while singing ‘Night Cheese’ from 30 Rock and blowing some guys head off on League of Legends.
But this practice along with many others will need to be thrown aside in exchange for a suitcase and a dream.

(If you can tell me the Disney reference in the previous sentence I will blog a post singing your praises).

But what practices? I hear you ask. What needs throwing aside?
Try to imagine if you will someone who is extremely active seven days a week for six months, who is somewhat careful about diet and is run ragged to the point of mental and physical shut down. You then allow this person six weeks to do whatever he likes with no accountability for his decisions. He simply needs to return fit and ready for the stage.

Needless to say I ate whatever I wanted, did as little as I could manage, and scoffed at the idea of learning the new shows I am required to perform as soon as I return.
However, as it was always going to, the time has come that I’ve realized my hair is too long and gross, my skin is dry and undermanaged, and I’ve grown softer around the middle.
Yes a vacation of living la vida however the hell I wanted has left me with the clogged up krabby body of a 50 year old couch potato, so something must be done.

A cleanse is my normal answer, and what I did every 6 months or so back in the days when I was a little more on the ball, and went a little less “all out” on vacation. I just need to find something efficient, easy, and preferably liquid or something that I can just ingest and allow to do it’s thang.
If anyone has any wonderful ideas do let me know, I’m totally up for suggestion on this. How do you turn your body around? How might you take a soft squishy pile of 6 ft 3 inch clay and make it into a strong healthy performer again?
I’m determined to clear my skin up, wash out my body, and freshen myself before my flight to Miami next week.
Totally do-able right?

So the plan in my mind right now, some kind of liquid cleanse stuff to drink.
Then maybe some kind of yoga or pilates for the body, and something besides my acne skin stuff to smoothen out the roughness of my skin.
I will make sure to keep you posted on my progress preparing myself for a return to real life.
I will also inform you on my other preparations for my travel across the world, I’m sure the way in which someone prepares for a trip such as that would interest at least some of you. 🙂

Well I’m gonna go and finish up this game I’m playing with my friend now, once I’m traveling again this life I have on vacation will be but a dream,
I hope to see you again soon, thanks for reading along and enjoy your day! 🙂

Disney Cruise Ship in Australia

As I finish up my time here in Melbourne I’m finally seeing a little of what it means for a city to become a port of call for a cruise ship, and it’s eye opening.
Melbourne is going to be a port for an unnamed cruise ship for six months over the holiday season, and the signs have begun going up around the city warning the locals of what to expect.
Such warnings include which tram travelers should start heading to work earlier to avoid being unable to board completely full trams crammed with cruise visitors. Signs with warnings of population surges, and which roads will be crowded and at which times.
I’ve found it interesting because I knew that ships make an impact in the cities and countries they visit, but I never imagined people and councils actively preparing months ahead of time for a ships arrival.
I can only imagine how an Australian city might react were a Disney ship ever to decide to sail into an Aussie port. Whenever we sail through panama aboard my ship the Disney Wonder, hundreds of people turn up at the visitor information centre on the waters edge to wave us in.
We blast the horn for them (remember our horn sounds to the tune of ‘when you wish upon a star’) and Mickey and Minnie stand on the open deck and wave back.
We make a huge impression on the ports of poorer countries, ones that can greatly benefit from the surges of tourism we bring. For the wealthy ports however, such as American and Canadian ports, I never imagined until now that they would notice us much at all.
Because of the power of the Disney brand I have heard that every year when the Disney Magic sails into Europe, ports there make a big deal of her arrival.
But for a country such as Australia, Disney’s presence here is incredibly limited for such a developed country with the standing we have with the world.
Australia is a full scale, first world country that contributes to the planets economy, and Sydney at least is among the worlds most well known and respected cities. My point is that we are not an obscure island nation with a population of 50 people and no cities.
With all of this in mind, why are there no Disney stores, no Disney Parks, no Disney Headquarters that can recruit and audition people and run things properly? (There is a modest Disney headquarters, but it doesn’t do a lot more than run the Aussie Disney website which is far in-superior to the US equivalent).
Disney has no presence in Australia, which is a real shame because I think we have a large Disney starved population that would gobble up the occasional bone thrown our way.
My theory is that when Disney announces and unveils the two more ships I’m sure are being built in Germany at this moment, the smallest ship (my ship, the Disney Wonder) will be sent somewhere new to expand the market. My theory is Asia and Australia.
With a Disney starved market, and a population that loves to vacation, how would Australians react if a Disney cruise ship was sent to port in Sydney Harbour?
If you have a theory let me know! How would you react if Disney came to town? Would you pay for a local Disney vacation that didn’t require you to fly to the other side of the world? I’d love to hear your thoughts.
With two new ships I would imagine that the Wonder would be sent to Asia/Australia, and with the expansion of the Panama Canal due to be finished within 2 years that the Magic can take the Wonder’s place heading to Alaska.
Once the Magic is heading to Alaska, the Dream can take the Magic’s place in Europe and head there every year. This will leave the Fantasy continuing her current cruises in the Caribbean, along with the two new ships. Three ships running the Caribbean will lessen the strain the two ships currently have meeting demand in this very popular cruise area.
With three ships running the area it’ll be easier to incorporate ports we only have time for some of the year, such as Jamaica and way out to Hawaii.
Time will tell whether I’m right with my theoretical planning. 😉
Well, It’s only about a week now until I return to my Disney ship on the other side of the world, I’ll be flying to Miami to meet her on the 19th of this month.
I’ll speak to you again before then however, and thanks for reading. 🙂
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For the Investors

I’ve said it before but I still feel the same way, travelers who truly traverse the world are investors and know what to do with their money.
Being this way ensures your money is working for you and is ready for you when you want to see the world.
Ideally your money is spread across multiple investments compounding over time and growing, and a portion of it should be shares. If you believe the way I do, all of those shares paid you a dividend recently because in my mind shares that aren’t paying you are shares that aren’t accountable to you.
As an Australian that was too lazy to fill out the forms to trade internationally, I trade solely on the ASX and all of those investments paid me a dividend last month. So what do I do with it now?
I’m currently staying in a hotel in Melbourne and even though I’m an Australian, I’m very far away from where I currently live and work and am traveling to be here. Therefore I am paying a lot of daily expenses in hotel, food, leisure and gaming costs and am making nothing in wages.
With this dividend I could potentially transfer it into my expenditures account and take the pressure off my credit card for the duration of the trip. However the money I earned from having my money invested in Australian companies all year will be gone and Uncle Kevin (Kevin O’Leary my investment godfather) would be quite mad.
I dunno if anyone else does it but whenever I make a choice with my money I imagine what reaction an investment guru would have if I told them what I did. As someone who spends thousands of dollars a year traveling, I’m guessing most of the time my investment guru would be annoyed. But as I considered spending this money the face in my head was more annoyed than ever.
Obviously I don’t know Mr O’Leary personally, but the version of him that lives in my head I know very well. My impression of him lectures me from what I learned from his book and his ABC investment reality show ‘Shark Tank’. This man in my head gives me praise sometimes, like when I signed the final papers buying my New Zealand investment property.
But this imaginary man slaps my wrist a lot more when I blew money such as when I spent thousands of dollars that could have been put into my brand new mortgage on a New York/Los Angeles vacation. In our discussion I argued my age (early 20’s) and my young need to explore and live as a young person, and though he somewhat saw my point, he lectured me on how much I now must pay that mortgage over the next 12 months to make up for it.
Sure, he’s probably stricter on me than the real Me O’Leary would be (or maybe he isn’t!) But whether my inner investment advisor is right or wrong, it’s more helpful than just listening to the part of me that spends money on impulse. If I just listened to that part of my head, I’d eat 15 extremely high quality meals a day and invest nothing.
Although I do get a genuine joy out of investment and love doing it. I have been known to spend rare days off pouring through finance magazines and giggling reading investment forecasts and company valuation estimations.
Speak of the devil, how many of the Australian/New Zealanders reading took advantage of the Medibank Private share offer?
The offer still has 2 days left, but it was probably the most advertised public share offering I’ve ever seen so the hype almost put me off.
Stock broker demand and public hype pushed the company valuation up millions of dollars above what the company is worth. When I read that $12 million worth of shares may be distributed when the company becomes public? Ludicrous!!! The company is worth maximum half that.
Although the company has grown over the last 10 years, it hasn’t been spectacular enough for this kind of paycheck the government can expect once they give the company over to us.
Nevertheless do you think I invested anyway? Of course I did. I applied today so if I’m accepted I’ll have a piece of this company I once worked for as a salesman.
It’s a good business and health insurance is becoming more and more fashionable. If you know how to use it even young people can save a lot of money with it.
I particularly like that they’ve given a maximum price per share as $2 a piece, which means if it comes out at $2.10 or $2.60 then we’ve immediately made money which is always good.
Lastly it passes my final test and will pay a dividend in September next year so they’ll work to deliver that between now and then. Time will tell whether they outperform my skepticism about their value, or whether without the government manipulating legislation to help them out and line their pockets, whether they’ll crumble and a portion of my portfolio with it.

Well this concludes my somewhat cynical look into medibank, and psychotic way of managing money. If you have better tactics I haven’t thought of to ensure your personal empire grows as you travel the world spending then let me know, and of course enjoy your week. Talk again soon 🙂

What Grinds my Gears about Movies/TV

I’ve decided today that I need a day to do nothing and think, so after having lunch with a friend I’m spending the rest of the day thinking.
It’s been great! I’ve been lying around in various places around the apartment I’m renting while Im in Melbourne, and have done little more than destroy bottles of vanilla coke and think about what makes me mad.
So here follows a list of things I’m passionately annoyed about in movies and television, it’s a bit of an unusual post, but I hope it gets you thinking about the little things about this world that need changing.

Boys between 12 and 17 starring in any movie. Has anyone seen diary of a wimpy kid: dog days? These films are a great example of how decent books can become horrific movies. Problems include crappy acting, a rubbish script, and just the fact that everyone is unlikable. But the worst thing for me is listening to the 14 year old protagonist’s breathy awkward speaking voice. Between these ages a males speaking voice is a shaky, unstable weak sound that is a chore to listen to. So hearing it quiver and stumble through crappy narration was a real ear-sore. He honestly sounds like he has serious nodules on his vocal folds with his rubbish airy sounding voice. How did he get cast? Without a strong commanding speaking voice you have no place in acting I think. So all teenage boys with this problem, for the love of GOD just wait it out.
News anchors fake voices. No-one talks like that! I hope I don’t offend when I say, it’s the lady anchors voices that sound the most fake. If any woman approached me to tell me anything with a voice like that I would freak out and wonder if she was about to burst into tears. Although, at least it’s clear. I feel like this problem might be region specific though, I never really think about it until I’m watching the news in Australia.
Coincidences in movies. Find a more creative and relatable way to move the plot along!! I’m a bit of a hypocrite in regards to plot, I love musicals and can think of no better way to move the plot forward than with a song. But in non-musicals if your movie overuses coincidences, 80’s montages or supporting actors being ok with the unforgivable acts of protagonists than I’m gonna yell at it.
Dads being disrespected in movies and tv shows. Dads on the screen are trying to provide for their families the best they can, and what do they get? Wives getting mad at them for working to much. You don’t like it? Then help him!! But what’s worse is the kids disrespecting him and being celebrated for it. A great example of that is every Disney channel show ever mad. Disrespecting dad is the most common joke ever, but I’m not laughing. These shows push the image of a family that barely exists anymore. Dad working, mum cooking, a couple kids and a lotta money. I’m wondering with this class of family on the brink of collapse, and so many people without a father at all, how is anyone laughing watching dad get dumped on for everything he does? Someone please write a new joke.
Experts in various fields using scientific language and genuine enthusiasm to sell piece of crap products. How much money is a celebrity chef being paid to put his credibility on the line and tell me to buy a rubbish frozen meal? I mean once I eat that rubber food I’m never gonna listen to him again! And how much is that famous coffee enthusiast getting paid to sound like a coffee loser as he plugs a subpar instant coffee? I trusted you!!

Do you agree with anything I’m mad about? Let me know 🙂 subscribe if you’d like to read more and I’ll update you again soon.